Irish Firms with Work-related Domain Names

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Note: this page is the Irish version of my much larger UK page at here.

Category 1 - the name of firm is work-oriented or location based

  • Michael D. Cunningham & Co. - Galway (
  • Tyrrell Solicitors - Dublin, (

    Category 2 - the firm has a "normal" site and also has a specialised additional site

  • Cahill & Cahill - Castlebar, Co. Mayo, also 4salebyowner
  • Carmody Moran - Dublin (two locations), also (wills and probate)
  • Dermot McNamara & Co. - Rush, County Dublin, also
  • Michael D. Cunningham & Co. - Galway also
  • Morgan McManus - Clones, Co. Monaghan and Enniskillen, Co.Fermanagh (both sides of the border); Accident Claims Law
  • Paul W Tracey - Dublin, also (in Polish) and
  • Rogers - Dublin, also Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin and Oak Gate Injury Ireland

    Category 3 - the firm has a "normal" site but the domain name is work-related

    (Note that quite a number of other firms have added "law" to a version of their name, in the domain name, e.g., but most of the ones in this section have not used their own name at all, but just the work-related word or phrase).
  • Anthony Brady - Dublin,

    Category 4 - the firm has a "normal" site and a normal domain name but has also extra work-related domain names which are redirected to the site

    None as yet, as far as I know.

    Category 5 - the firm has adapted its actual registered name for the web but the name is not work-related

    None as yet, as far as I know.

    Category 6 - groups of firms

    These are UK groups but they may operate in Ireland as well
  • LawGroup UK
  • LawNet

    Category 7 - Barristers' Chambers with work-related domain names


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