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Scotland - some sites with useful legal information for individuals in Scotland

Scottish Law often differs from the law of England and Wales. The sources below relate to specifically Scottish law as it affects individuals. solicitors - Scotland's leading road traffic law firm is Scotland's leading road traffic law firm. They will provide a free assessment of your case. 90% of their clients keep their driving licences!

Bonnar Accident Law, personal injury specialists One of Scotland's leading personal injury law firms: road traffic accidents, accidents at work, industrial diseases, head & brain injury.
Free information on compensation claims!

  • The Law Society of Scotland offers information for the general public on Scots Law and a History and Structure of the Courts. There is a comprehensive description of 40 legal topics called Dial-a-Law and a directory of all Scottish Lawyers which can be used to find all lawyers in, say, Aberdeen, as well as to find particular individuals or firms. The list can be used to find accredited experts (solicitors) in specific fields of law, such as IP, employment and so on.
  • Citizens Advice Scotland provides extensive and detailed information on Benefits, Civil Rights, Communications, Consumer Affairs, Education, Employment, Family Matters, Health, Housing, Immigration, Legal System, Tax, and Travel. The viewer can also search the site for particular topics or keywords. You can find a local office by naming the town or area.
  • The Right Kind of Divorce - Scotland is a wide ranging portal for advice on this topic aimed at ordinary people with marital problems. There are links and descriptions of organisations which can help (both UK-wide and Scottish), information on separation, children, division of money and property, cohabitation, divorce, and the various routes to "sorting things out" available to the individuals concerned. The site is offered by Anne Dick of Family Law Matters and Shona Templeton of MTM Family Law solicitors, all based in Glasgow, Scotland.
  • My Scottish Law blog comes from Bruce de Wert, a Scottish solicitor at Georgesons Solicitors of Wick and Thurso in Caithness. The blog is updated frequently with postings on Scottish Divorce, Scottish Powers of Attorney, Scottish Wills and topics relating to Property Law and Estate Agency. Bruce also offers a number of spcialised sites for the purchase of wills, powers of attorney and divorce services in Scotland, all at very reasonable rates with a particular emphasis on family law.
  • Graham Walker, of Glasgow, offers information on road traffic law in Scotland, and generally how to protect your licence. Specific topics covered are speeding offences, mobile phone offences, drink driving and dangerous driving.
  • The Scottish Human Rights Commission promotes and protects the human rights of everyone in Scotland. They work to increase awareness, recognition and respect for human rights, and make them more relevant and easier to apply in everyday life. The Commission is independent of the UK and Scottish Parliaments and Governments
  • Govan Law Centre (Glasgow) provides Scots law 'basic advice' pages on consumer affairs, housing, neighbour nuisance, school exclusions, and other topics; a legal resources section including caselaw on small claims, developments on the law of debt (from a debtor's perspective), basic guide for organisation looking for charitable status etc., and information on free or low cost legal events.
  • Legal Services Agency is a Scottish charity offering legal assistance to the disadvantaged as well as courses and training in legal subject areas. Housing and social welfare law are especially covered both in the courses and in the advice and all initial advice is free. The Agency is funded by local authorities and the Scottish Office.
  • Trust Deed Scotland are Scotland's largest Trust Deed Introducers. A Trust Deed actually uses government legislation to enable people living in Scotland who are financially struggling with debts generally over £10,000 to manage their debts within a realistic timeframe. The duration of the repayment period is typically 36 months and you will pay an agreed monthly contribution based on your affordability and then when this arrangement comes to an end, all of your remaining debts are legally written off. There is lots of information in this topic on the site.
  • BBM Solicitors – Edinburgh & Wick, provides Scottish employment law information for both employees and employers on topics ranging from unfair dismissal and breach of contract to employment tribunal representation and settlement agreements.
  • Miller Samuel Hill Brown Solicitors - Glasgow, shares useful Scottish employment law information for both businesses and individuals, regarding discipline in the workplace, unfair dismissal, bullying in the workplace, family friendly rights, redundancy and more. They also maintain a regular employment law blog here.
  • The Glasgow Law Practice – Glasgow, provides employment law advice for people across Scotland on settlement agreements, whistleblowing, contracts of employment, discrimination, social media and the law and more.

    Buying and Selling Property in Scotland...

  • The Edinburgh Solicitors' Property Centre (ESPC).
  • The Glasgow Solicitors' Property Centre (GSPC)
  • Georgesons - Thurso and Wick, offer good information on home buying in Scotland.

    Solicitors' Costs

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    Tax and Financial Planning

  • The Chartered Institute of Taxation provides tax information for beginners and for experts.
  • The Low Incomes Tax Reform Group is an initiative of the Chartered Institute of Taxation which gives a voice to those who cannot afford to pay for help with tax and tax credits. There is useful information on the site particularly for Pensioners, Students and Low income workers.
  • Tax Assist Accountants is a national network of accountants who work specifically with small businesses and taxpayers needing a tax return in the UK. There are articles and news items on the site with information on these topics.
  • Free UK Tax Rebate Help provides lots of tax help for individuals, including information on national insurance and tax rebate calculators in different circumstances (e.g. becoming a student or being made redundant). There is also a separate site about the Unique Tax Payer Reference Number (UTR). Apparently, millions go unclaimed each year in overpaid taxes and many people are given unnecessary fines from the Inland Revenue.
  • Robert Newey & Co. - London, provides information on UK taxation, including VAT, employment and international tax issues.
  • Taxcafe is an advice site offering various inexpensive guides on tax issues, aimed at individuals and small businesses. There is also a useful directory of websites on tax topics under the "Links" section.
  • Winston Financial Planning is a firm offering financial advice on investments insurance protection, pensions and mortgages regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). The site provides free initial information on different types of investment products, pensions, bonds and gilts and the firm will provide a free initial consultation.
  • Tax Disputes comes from LEXLAW Solicitors, and provides information on a whole range of topics, including MTIC Carousel Fraud, VAT Evasion, VAT Repayment Fraud, Diversion Fraud, Duty Fraud, Smuggling, Goods seized by HMRC, Phoenix Company Fraud, Oils Fraud/Road Fuel Fraud, HMRC Interviews, HMRC Penalties and Recovery of EU Taxes by HMRC (MARD). There is also a site from the same firm on Winding up Petitions

    Travel Insurance

  • Fairplane UK provides information on the circumstances in which someone with a delayed or cancelled plane can claim compensation. For example, If your flight was cancelled or delayed by more than 3 hours, you may have a claim for flight delay compensation under EU law.

    Wills, Power of Attorney, Care Homes, Probate

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    for probate and wills in Wiltshire and Hampshire, and nationwide in contesting a will, inheritance claims and executor disputes. FREE initial phone advice!

  • Solicitors for the Elderly is a national association of solicitors, barristers and legal executives who are concerned with improving the availability and delivery of legal services to older people. The site contains a list of member solicitors, arranged by town or area, and also a very good set of links to other bodies concerned with elderly people and the law, benefits, health, illness, disability, wills and so on.

  • Care Directions is a site offering extensive information on the services and help available to the elderly and those needing care.

  • Care Home Fees Planning is a site set up by Tim Embleton to provide sufficient help and advice for those seeking options for long term care (for themselves or for their loved ones) and help funding it. The site is operated by Time Independent, an IFA. You can answer a series of questions to determine if you are likely to get financial help from the state or local authority and also download a free guide to planning for care home fees.

  • Lasting Power of Attorney is covered in some detail by Solicitors Peacock & Co - when and why you might need to set one up, the different factores to consider and the steps to actually doing it.

  • Probate UK is a site set up by TM Solicitors of Hull. There is a lot of useful information on the site about what probate is, how to obtain probate, the processes needed to do this and also how to contest probate. There are also sections for people living abroad.

  • Probates Direct, is maintained by Chadwick Lawrence LLP, and covers the issues surrounding bereavement. There is information on dealing with the registrar, meeting the funeral expenses and arranging the funeral. Legal guidance is also available with advice on who to call for more help and there is a set of links to a wide range of support organisations. The site also allows you to apply for a grant of probate on-line (charged service).

  • Probate Solicitors (PSL) - Solihull, offer a Resources section with information and downloadable papers on many probate-related topics.

  • Bonallack and Bishop, Solicitors in Wilstshire Hampshire and Dorset, provide a great deal of free information on their site concerning, wills, probate, the Court of Protection, living wills, care funding, military wills, Lasting Power of Attorney and many other topics.

  • Graham & Rosen of Hull, provide a very extensive guide to wills and probate, both online and in a pdf version.

  • is a national will registration service. It allows members of the public to register the whereabouts of their wills and enables people dealing with probate to search for missing wills. Members of the public can search on a name to see if there is a will and, if there is, the person will be referred to a probate solicitor in their area. Professionals can register with the site and can then, on production of a death certificate, search the database and retrieve the deceased's will details.

  • Certainty National Will Register allows anyone to register their will online without charge. You can also search the register (the contents of the will are not given, but the fact that it exists, and where it is, is provided). Endorsed by Kevin Martin, a past Law Society President, has been built to eradicate the real possibility of a will being lost, destroyed or stolen. Note that only wills prepared by qualified and regulated professionals (Law Society, ILEX, Notaries) may be registered. You can also use the site to find a solicitor specialising in wills, in your area.

  • Batchelors - Bromley & Sydenham, provide a site called Dispute a Will which gives information on ways that wills can be disputed, and the issues involved in this. There is also a glossary, a set of case histories, and a section of current news relating to wills and problems with wills.

  • Wright Hassall of Leamington Spa in Warwickshire, provide information on the factors relating to contesting a will and the grounds which might make this possible. There are various guides and articles available on the site.


  • is a site from Dublin firm Carmody Moran which provides extensive information on wills and probate in Ireland.

    More Firms of solicitors (and a few companies) offering information and also, in some cases, actually preparing the wills on line:

  • Barcan Woodward - Bristol City Centre, North Bristol, South Bristol, provides a set of question and answers on wills and probate.
  • Blake Morgan - Fareham, London, Portsmouth, Southampton & Brussels, provide information.
  • Brethertons - Rugby and Banbury, take details online for your will.
  • Clutton Cox of Bristol offer useful information about wills and probate on their site including a cartoon video about why you should make your will.
  • Elm Online is an online will writing service, where you are helped step by step to provide your instructions for the will (i.e. not just left to work on a document all by yourself). At the end of this process, the will is set to you in fully bound form, for you to sign. The company can also provide a will storage process if required. A different type of service is available if you live in Bristol, Bath, Somerset, Gloucester and the South West generally - a professional will writer can visit you in your own home and guide you through the entire will writing process.
  • Fidler & Pepper - Nottinghamshire, provide a facility for you to prepare your will online.
  • Martin Kaye of Telford in Shropshire, have a site on how to
  • Law on the Web, a legal information site - take "wills, probate and inheritance"
  • Leicester Wills & Trusts is a will writing company assisting businesses and individuals with wills and trusts in and around Leicester and Leicestershire.
  • Pearson Maddin - New Malden and Surbiton
  • Rogers & Norton - Norwich
  • Shoosmiths - National, multi-branch firm
  • SGC Solicitors - Nottingham, provides "Fact Sheets" on long term care planning, inheritance tax, enduring powers of attorney and wills.
  • Silverman Sherliker LLP provide Contesting a will with a great deal of information.
  • The Will Site is a company providing a will making service and also advice from a solicitor. There is lots of useful information.
  • The Will Writing Service comes from Fitzgibbons & Co Ltd of Croydon. The are members of The Society of Will Writers and have been providing will writing services in London, Kent and Surrey for thirty years. The site provides a considerable amount of useful information and they will visit you in your home if you wish.
  • Thomas Flavell & Sons - Hinckley, Earl Shilton and Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, offers information on making a will, administering an estate, and advice for the elderly.

    Two sites relating to wills, probate, missing heirs and intestacy

  • The Bona Vacantia Division of the Treasury Solicitor's Department deals with the assets of dissolved companies and the estates of people who die intestate and without known kin. (Bona Vacantia means Vacant Goods). The site has a facility for relatives of people who die intestate to search the records and there is also an auction on the site of domain names previously owned by dissolved companies. There are also guidelines on policy and "how it all works".
  • Fraser & Fraser is a firm of genealogists which specialises in probate research to locate missing heirs and beneficiaries. The site has a good description of what probate research involves. They can also help find wills, obtain copies of certificates, help to administer an estate, calculate how an estate, intestacy or trust should be distributed. They can work either for firms of solicitors or for individuals who think there could be a bequest waiting for them.

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