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This page contains "new" items which appeared during 2008 and acts as an archive of what was considered "new" at the time.

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Last updated from the point of view of archived "New" items on December 22nd 2008. Interesting new blog

  • Painsmith Solicitor’s Landlord and Tenant is a new blog from solicitors Painsmith It describes itself as "A practitioner's landord and tenant blog" and it covers commercial properties as well as domestic ones, with frequent updates and good references to other useful material. This joins another good blog on landlord and tenant topics from Tessa Shepperson, called The Landlord Law Blog.

    Change of "ownership" of the SLD - now part of the National Archives.

  • The Statute Law Database (SLD) is maintained by a team in London and Belfast working alongside the staff of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office (HMSO) as part of the Information and Policy Services Directorate within The National Archives. This is new - the SLD transferred from the Ministry of Justice to The National Archives earlier this month. The merger brings together within one organisation all the responsibilities for publication of UK legislation and integrates official legislation services from across the UK. Responsibility for the publication of all UK legislation now rests with the Controller of HMSO in her capacity as the Queen’s Printer of Acts of Parliament, Queen’s Printer for Scotland and Government Printer of Northern Ireland. The database offers users a range of advanced search and navigation functions across over 30,000 items of UK primary and secondary legislation. The database contains primary legislation that was in force at 1 February 1991 and primary and secondary legislation that has been produced since that date. The site says that work associated with the change has made it necessary to stop deployment of new legislation to the website temporarily and it may take a week or two to clear the backlog. In any case, the integration of recent legislation into consolidated legislation is not up to date and it is not yet known when it will be.

    Change of ownership of software supplier AlphaLaw - now taken over by the Iris Group.

  • AlphaLaw (previously MSS) has been providing legal software for over 25 years. With over 1,600 firms throughout the UK and Ireland using their systems, they probably have more users than any other supplier. Users range from the large multi-branch, city centre style of firm to the high street practice and single practitioner and their software products are correspondingly diverse but always innovative. Many international commercial companies, insurance companies and local authorities also use AlphaLAW software products. AlphaLaw (previously known as MSS) also specialise in network design, supply and support of computers and networks. Now the company has been taken over by the Iris Software Group. Simon Meehan continues as General Manager. The Iris Group has already taken over AIM, Videss, Laserform and Mountain - all major firms in this market.

    Last updated on December 19th 2008.

    Latest firm to provide customised documents for sale, on their web site

  • Hallett Employment Law Services - Lutterworth, Leicestershire, offer a large number of free factsheets on their site on a whole range of employment law topics. They also provide documents for sale on their site, aimed at small/medium sized business clients. These documents cover issues like redundancy and disciplinary procedures and various policies, such as ones dealing with smoking, use of IT e-mail and Internet, and Harassment and Bullying. The price of the documents starts at £4.60.
    For other firms and also companies doing this, see my section Selling and Marketing Legal Services and Documents Online

    Last updated on December 18th.

  • The Legal Sector Alliance (LSA) is a group of law firms and organisations committed to taking action on climate change by reducing their carbon footprint and adopting environmentally sustainable practices. There are now over 60 firms in the Alliance, of all sizes and in all areas of the country. They have developed a series of principles in consultation with the profession and leading environmental NGOs. The principles are intended to provide both a framework to support individual action by each member and an outline of the LSA’s commitment to collective action. They cover members’ own operations, but also their wider influence on clients, suppliers, employees and policy makers. The initial focus of the principles is on UK activities, recognising that firms with operations elsewhere are likely to apply these or similar principles to those operations in a phased manner.

    Last updated on December 15th.

  • CrimeLine is a major free legal resources on the web for criminal lawyers. They provide the largest circulation criminal law update, received by over 12,000 criminal lawyers, judges and academics each week. Each issue digests the latest cases from 30 sources, legislation and news. Important judgments are often emailed within minutes of being handed down. Cases are linked to Casetrack so you have full text judgments available if you subscribe to Casetrack. Recent issues are also available (free) on the website, as well as articles, and there is also information on a wide range of courses in the criminal law area generally at very low cost. There is also a sister site K4 Training which specialises in civil areas of law. They offer free legal updaters in Family Law, Employment Law, Mental Health, Commercial and Company Law, Civil Litigation, Local government, Immigration and Practice Management & Money Laundering. Courses are also available in these general areas.

    Last updated on December 3rd.

    An interesting development relating to Software as a Service (SaaS), provided by solicitors to commercial clients

  • myhrtoolkit is a company owned by solicitors Ironmonger Curtis in Sheffield. The site provides a service to manage employees in a company as "Software as a Service" i.e. the software is run remotely over the internet. The service provides a low cost solution, starting at £55 a month, to streamline HR admin for small and medium-sized businesses between 5 and 500 staff. Users are granted access based on their role in the organisation - owner, manager, or employee - and each user has access to view and control information appropriate to their level. Users can self-manage staff holidays, contracts of employment, induction, appraisal, sickness and other absence, with communication and task tracking features ensuring accountability within the organisation. There is an online demo on the site which explains how it works. Existing users of the service come from manufacturing, property and financial services, distribution and retail, healthcare, and not for profit.

    Last updated on November 30th.

  • In addition to publishing over 4,600 new books each year, Oxford University Press (OUP) is a major provider of online information to libraries and individuals worldwide. Now OUP's Law Department have launched 3 new online services in law:
    • Oxford Reports on International Law which bring together decisions on public international law from international courts and tribunals, domestic courts and ad hoc tribunals

    • Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law, the new edition of the definitive reference work on public international law, written by over 800 scholars and practitioners from more than 70 countries, and

    • Investment Claims, a comprehensive collection of full-text awards and court decisions arising from international investment disputes.

    Last updated on November 18th.

  • Legal IT Show 2009 now has its web site up and running and you can register for (free) attendance on the site. This is the big annual event for finding out about software and services for the legal profession. As well as the free exhibition, there is a conference programme costing only £99 a day and featuring many significant speakers from major (and smaller) firms. Topics to be covered will include implementing new systems and processes in response to the current business climate and ever-changing regulatory pressures. The event takes place at the Business Design Centre in Islington on Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th Feb.

    Last updated on November 11th.

  • The Scottish Council of Law Reporting is now providing a database of important Scottish cases from 1873 to 2007, as an open access resource. They have previously provided the law-teaching universities in Scotland with a CD-ROM of this material as a learning aid to their students but in this new form, the archive is available to everyone. The cases, specially elected by leading academics, cover the full range of legal subjects. It is the Council’s intention to expand this selection by adding new cases each year. The archive is available here. The council has teamed up with Justis to run the archive using their award-winning search engine and interface JustCite.
    JustCite is the legal reference search engine from Justis Publishing which provides a fully cross-referenced index to a comprehensive collection of authoritative UK and European legal information, including Session Cases. This is a provider-neutral legal research service. It combines searchable content from different publishers within a single interface and provides seamless links to full-text documents on leading free and paid-for services, such as BAILII, Justis, LexisNexis, Westlaw and OPSI.

    Last updated on November 9th.

  • Abney Garsden McDonald, solicitors of Cheadle Hulme, have relaunched their website. The site contains not only the "normal" information about the firm and the types of work covered, but is also linked with its specialist web site www.abuselaw.co.uk which aims to provide easy access to information for child and adult survivors of physical, sexual and psychological abuse on all aspects of this complex area of law. There is also an information site on Elder Abuse. Providing a major source of information on these important topics at the same time as retaining and building an identity for the firm itself is a tricky task- and one which they seem to have pulled off very successfully.

    Last updated on October 28th.

    An enterprising marketing venture from a firm of solicitors

  • Name Copyright and How To Register A Trade Mark are two web sites set up by Chris Sherliker of Silverman Sherliker to advertise an e-book he has created called "How to register a trade mark". As it says on the site "The Only Way You Can Legally Protect Copyright in A Name is To Register it as a Trade Mark". An interesting angle is that the purchase of the e-book entitles the user to a free legal consultation on "any legal issue relating to the protection of your business names, trade marks, logos or any other legal aspects of name protection". There is also a free course provided with the e-book called "Brand Strategies for Success: How to Establish and Maintain Brand Dominance In Any Market".

    Last updated on October 27th.

    Try it for 2 months - almost for free....

  • SCAMS is a company which provides a case management system called files, currently used in many solicitors firms throughout the UK in a variety of areas of practice. For a limited period of time, they are offering a single licence of the system free of charge, subject to terms and conditions. Full details, including how to apply, can be obtained here. The offer is for a 1 user licence of the files system, including setting up the system for the user, installation and normal user training. The user does have to pay reasonable expenses associated with the training and 12 months maintenance & upgrades service (this is £350 plus VAT) but for a serious and well respected case management system, this is a pretty risk free way of finding out what case management can do. (Note - the free offer lasts until 31 December 2008 for for anyone who takes up the free offer, the licence is permanent, subject to the maintenance charge).

    Last updated on October 24th.

    An exciting initiative from my colleague and co-editor Nick Holmes. You can be part of this too!

  • FreeLegalWeb is an initiative which aims to join up the law and legal commentary and analysis on the web and deliver a useful service to both lawyers and the community at large. It aims to do so by providing better, value-added, direct access to existing web resources for legislation, judgments and other government materials, linked to expert guidance and commentary provided by lawyers.

    There is a good basic explanation of why the initiative is needed (and how it can be developed) here. It will be a technical challenge, but is also reliant on devising a service that incentivises lawyers to contribute content - and on funding of course.

    The first stage in the project was a "BarCamp" (a participatory workshop whose content is provided by participants) held in London on 18 October at which 24 enthusiastic souls - lawyers and techies - gave up their Saturday to share their ideas on how this seemingly impossible task might be achieved. The group ended the day enthusiastically committed to taking it further.

    Whoever you are, you can help too. Follow the FreeLegalWeb blog for latest news and to see how you can contribute to the project.

  • Historic Air Photos are now available with an online searching and identifying process. Arial photos from a number of independent aerial archives and survey companies have been brought together into one searchable web site. Visitors can use one web site to search through the records of multiple aerial survey companies and organisations who hold old aerial photos of the UK; more archives will be included in the future. There is a map based interface and the user, by indicating the search area, can check the records of all participating archives which cover that location and list them by date and scale and display the area covered on the map. Orders for prints or scans can also be placed online. (The photos are not themselves online but you can find out what is available online and then order the relevant photos.) These photos will be particularly useful for lawyers involved in legal and boundary disputes and all types of site investigation.

    Last updated on October 20th.

    Interesting new site - and new "angle" on legal services

  • cantaffordalawyer.com is aimed at helping those considering representing themselves in legal proceedings (litigants in person). The site provides information from barristers (practising and non practising) on how courts work and familiarisation with procedures, advocacy and case preparation training. They also provide information on how to go about finding an affordable lawyer, links to the best sources of free information on their particular legal problem, a list of organisations that provide free legal services to people in their situation, information and accounts of being a litigant in person and general advice about their approach to their case. There are charges made for some of these services.

    Last updated on October 13th.

    Two very attractive new sites from major firms - good to look at, full of information and easy to get around

  • Leigh, Day & Co. - London - interesting news stories that the viewer can relate to and a particularly good use of photographs to bring the site to life and
  • Wilson Nesbitt - Belfast and Bangor - good information about the many types of legal service available and customised legal documents available online in many legal areas.

    Last updated on October 4th.

  • Online Information 2008 takes place at the Olympia Grand Hall, from 2nd to 4th December. This is not a legal exhibition as such but is very useful event for people particularly interested in what can be done online in a broader context. The event covers 6 main sectors: Online Content Resources; ePublishing; Library Management Systems; Content Management Expo; Web 2.0 Technologies and Search Solutions. The exhibition is free (you can register on the site) and there are some free seminars, as well as a paid conference programme. It says on the site "Attracting over 900 delegates from over 40 countries, the conference provides a forum dedicated to learning, debate, professional development, technology reviews and assessments, expert discussion as well as case-study presentations and the sharing of research results and opinion." Amongst other new features there will be a co-located exhibition called IMS 2008 with a seminar stream dedicated to Marketing through Social Media ("how to take advantage of social media to add value to your business").

    Last updated on October 2nd.

  • The Solicitors Regulation Authority has released its first equality and diversity strategy this week for consultation. There is a strategic action plan "that sets out the steps we need to take to ensure that equality and diversity is embedded into the culture and work of the SRA. We are consulting on the strategy, and welcome responses from every quarter." The period of public consultation ends on 23 December 2008.

  • In a separate development, Black Letter Law, the directory of black minority ethnic (BME) lawyers, is bringing out a new edition for 2008. The new edition contains 282 pages and 13 sections and will be launched on 9th October 2008 at Allen & Overy. The keynote speaker at the event is Rabinder Singh QC, the Leading Silk and a Deputy High Court Judge. The publication, an extensive set of profiles showcasing the achievements of BME lawyers and judges is edited by Debo Nwauzu, a non-practising solicitor and the founder of BLD (Black Lawyers Directory). The directory can be purchased for £15; contact Debo Nwauzu on info@onlinebld.com. The guide can also be purchased from the Law Society bookshop or online from amazon.

    Last updated on September 25th.

  • Ladders 2 Law is a site about becoming a lawyer, designed for "the very best A-level students from non-privileged backgrounds". The idea is that they will be mentored by a practising barrister or solicitor, and will give students help and advice on how best they can work towards a career in the law. The scheme is jointly managed by two charities, The Social Mobility Foundation and The Brightside Trust. The site is constantly updated with interesting news items, advice from experts, stories from lawyers about "how they got there", reports of interesting cases, polls on controversial topics (such as capital punishment) and other features. The site is aimed at students aged between 14 and 18 who are interested in a career in law and aims to build up their legal knowledge whilst retaining their enthusiasm.

    Last updated on September 24th.

    Interesting "brand protection" site in an international context

  • BPCouncil, based in Geveva, describes itself as a site for brand owners, professional services providers, technology vendors, enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies. It aims to provide a "dynamic virtual community" providing direct access to up-to-date information and resources. There is a lot of free information on the site (including news, articles, a newsletter, lists of organisations and an extensive glossary) as well as paid membership services.

    Last updated on September 22nd.

  • The International Bar Association pro bono website has been created by the International Bar Association "to bring together the global community of professionals of every level who are involved in pro bono legal work on a local and on an international scale." It is a very comprehensive site with resources (for example, papers from conferences), articles written especially for the web site, information on events, discussion groups and various useful sets of links to other legal bodies worldwide.

    Interesting new software for transactional lawyers

  • Firmex Deal Room is a complete, collaborative, web-based deal management application. It focuses on making multiparty transactions more efficient, more cost-effective, more secure and more accessible. Key benefits include 24/7 access, document versioning and real-time activity reports. Firmex Deal Room’s aggregation of searchable deal information allows corporations and their advisors to selectively publish digital record books and due diligence information for future reference and accountability. Unlike 3rd party virtual data rooms, Firmex Deal Room™ does not limit Law Firms to just the reviewing of due diligence information online. Firmex users can also post and comment on transaction drafts, close deals in a virtual environment and publish record books to DVD from their deal room web site. The software was used in the recent $18bn Thomson Reuters deal. Firmex is based in Toronto and the UK representive is Allen Butcher, allen.butcher@firmex.com.

    Last updated on September 17th.

  • The Law Society's Online Bookshop has now been launched. As it says on the site "There are over 100 published and forthcoming titles to choose from covering every major area of practice, ranging from conveyancing and probate through to commercial law and litigation. You will find full details on each book, including contents lists, so you can make an informed decision before you buy online. We also offer a range of legally-themed gift items from cufflinks to prints. They are ideal presents for a loved one or as a special treat for yourself."

    Last updated on September 13th.

    Irish barristers have been very slow to get themselves on the web!

  • Brian Walker, an Irish barrister and commercial accredited mediator in the Law Library, now has a website. This is 12 years after the first Irish barrister, Kieron Wood put up a site providing a great deal of information on Irish Family Law, Civil Law and the Irish legal system generally. Apart from the Bar Council (Law Library of Ireland), The Honorable Society of King’s Inns and one other barrister, Arran Dowling Hussey (who is also a member of the Bar in Belfast and in London) that's about it, as far as I am able to discover.

    Last updated on September 10th.

  • J K Rowling & Harry Potter Lexicon case - a victory for copyright & common sense is the heading for a post by IP lawyer Laurie Kaye. According to Laurie, the judgment "goes to to the heart of the issue of 'mixing and mashing' in deciding where 'fair use' stops and copyright infringement starts". So there will not be any "Harry Potter Lexicon" unless J K Rowling writes it herself.

    Many people ask me how to get a better Google ranking. Here is one way to learn all about it!

  • Successful Search Engine Optimisation is a course put on by Susan Hallam of Hallam Communications. The course will take place on Monday, 29 September in Central London and on Wednesday, 8 October in Nottingham. There are full details on the site. Susan also provides a very useful (free) blog called Internet Marketing Made Easy.
    Note from 2012 - Hallam Communications is now Hallam Internet.

    Last updated on September 8th.

  • Ip Brands is a blog about Intellectual Property and Technology law blog from Shireen Smith, the founder of Azrights Solicitors. As she says "We will comment on matters that will be of interest to small or SME businesses or to those wanting to know more about how Intellectual Property works and furthers business objectives. We hope to provide a holistic perspective – crossing the boundaries between disciplines – and to avoid being purely legally focused as there are already many such Intellectual Property blogs in existence. We will draw for inspiration and news from existing Intellectual Property blogs, but our approach will bring together insights from other areas too like internet marketing, branding, and entrepreneurship."

    Last updated on September 5th.

    According to the Law Society Gazette of 4th September 2008, in a report by Rupert White, price comparison sites are on the way for legal services.

  • moneysupermarket.com is apparently planning to introduce price comparison sections for legal services over the next few months, with mortgages, wills and personal injury on the way to start with, since these are seen as the fields most easily "commoditised".
  • CompareConveyancers.co.uk, set up by the Yorkshire Building Society, is already in the market, with 170 solicitors on their panel.
    Price comparison sites in other areas have been advertising fiercely recently, to establish their credentials in this field, such Confused.com; TESCOcompare is also now in the field.
    If you put "price comparison sites uk" into Google, there are already over 300,000 sites and references although if you put in "price comparison sites uk legal" the only "real" one appears to be the Gazette article, as above. Of course, this may be partly the terminology of "price comparison sites" - a relatively new phrase. First Law have been offering services for in-house lawyers for some time, to compare firms offering such services. Of course, they are lawyers themselves and they attempt to judge the competing firms on legal suitability as well as price (what a concept!).

    However, I think that this is going to be a big topic and I am setting up a new section in my Selling and Marketing Legal Services section - category 4.

    Last updated on August 29th.

    Interesting new resource

  • Tenancy Agreement Service provides information on the obligations and rights of both landlords and tenants in Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements (these are the most frequently used tenancy agreement by landlords when letting residential properties). There is extensive information on many aspects of these tenancies, a FAQ section and a glossary of terms used in the property market. Tenancy Agreement Service is a voluntary information resource aimed at landlords and tenants and is owned by Ryegate Ltd. At the moment it's a non-profit making organisation although there are plans to develop the site in a more commercial direction at some point.

    Last updated on August 27th.

    Put this in your diary now....4th & 5th February 2009

  • The Legal IT Show is the big annual event for finding out about software and services for the legal profession. It takes place on 4th & 5th February 2009 at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London. As well as the exhibition, the conference will include case studies from a wide variety of firms, ranging from the sole practitioner to the top 100. Topics to be covered will include implementing new systems and processes in response to the current business climate and ever-changing regulatory pressures. Attending the event is free - there will be opportunities for obtaining a free entry pass a little later.

    Last updated on August 22nd.

    Nick Holmes and I have launched two new ebooks with CPD for 2008/2009 in our Legal Web series.

  • Topics of Modern Legal Practice looks at a number of IT-related topics affecting both barristers and solicitors. It covers Software as a Service, new online legal resources, the alternative legal market, domain name disputes, electronic presentation of evidence and digital media law.
  • Law 2.0 in Progress looks at how Web 2.0 is impacting legal practice. It covers blogging, social networking, RSS feeds, Web 2.0 publishing and how to manage the risks associated with Web 2.0.
    Each course costs £60+VAT and qualifies for 5 CPD hours. A multi-use licence, enabling up to 5 people to obtain the CPD, costs £150+VAT for each course. There is a special combo price for both courses of £95+VAT; £225+VAT for a multi-use licence. As well as the info above, you can see more about the ebooks and purchase them on the infolaw site www.infolaw.co.uk/ebooks.

    Last updated on August 20th.

    New immigration law resource

  • 1 Mitre Court Buildings, previously 8 King's Bench Walk, have now set up a separate site Immigration Barristers containing links to recently reported cases in which they have been involved and a series of regular reports covering the latest developments in the fields of immigration, asylum and human rights law. You can register for these to be sent to you automatically. They also offer solicitors and OISC approved advisors quick access to a specialist immigration barrister. An email question is forwarded immediately to an available member of the immigration team with, generally, a reply within 24 hours (no fee is payable by either the lay client or the emailing advisor). They will soon be offering practitioners a range of immigration law related online CPD courses, some of which can be taken online.

    Last updated on August 19th.

    Latest set of specialised web sites provided by a firm of solicitors

  • Martin Kaye of Telford in Shropshire, have a series of interesting and well designed specialised sites - www.alpha-hr.co.uk (employment law protection), www.contest-a-will.co.uk and employeesos.co.uk. The main site provides some lively and informal (but not too informal) descriptions of the lawyers and other staff at the firm, too.

    Last updated on August 18th.

  • Jordans Family Law Newswatch is a free service from Jordans providing the latest family law news, cases and legisation plus abstracts of key articles and commentary from the Jordans Family Law journals. You can sign up for a free email alert of the latest news stories. (From the Jordans Family Law Home page you can also sign up for a free trial of one of their online services.)

    Last updated on August 6th.

  • Human Rights from the National Archives covers 800 years of human rights in the UK explored using original documents from The National Archives. There is a list of all documents related to Human Rights since the Magna carta and the site provides both pictures of the documents and transcriptions or translations. There is a description of the events of each time period and also a glossary of the terms used (e.g. Demesne, Enclosure, Interregnum etc). The National Archives is a wonderful resource overall, described as "the official archive for England, Wales and the central UK government, containing 900 years of history from Domesday Book to the present, with records ranging from parchment and paper scrolls through to recently created digital files and archived websites. Increasingly, these records are being put online, making them universally accessible."

  • International Human Rights Association, based in India, is an association of bodies and people around the world who are working towards solving human rights problems - including the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, National Human Rights Commission in different countries, Amnesty International, International Human Rights Movement and a number of NGO's in different parts of the world.

    Last updated on August 2nd.

  • I have added a number of sites relating to Religion and the Law in my section Legal Resources for Lawyers A to Z (under Religion). My thanks to Raymond Hemingray for these.

    Last updated on July 31st.

  • ebizlaw is the latest specialised site from Fox Williams LLP (they have a whole series of specialised sites). Described as "Legal advice from ebusiness and online community specialists Fox Williams" the site offers current news in these topics and basic briefing documents. You can also sign up for a regular (free) email update along the same lines. Current topics are "YouTube users breathe sigh of relief as viewing habits will not be disclosed", "Google pulls out of Digg deal" and "A buyer's market?: the effect of the credit crunch on technology and the investment market."

    Last updated on July 29th.

    A new legal resource in ecclesiastical law

  • Peterborough Diocesan Registry has an extensive web site covering the Work of the Diocesan Registry in particular and also ecclesiastical law in a wider context. The site has been created by The Rev. Raymond Hemingray, a solicitor. The site covers Faculty Jurisdiction, Consecration, Churchyards, Memorials, Graves, Exhumation, Trees, The DAC, Marriage, Patronage, Chancel Repairs, Clergy, Churchwardens, PCCs and Fees.

    Last updated on July 18th.

    Useful exhibitions and training events with over 30hrs free CPD at each event

  • The SOLICITORS Group is the UK's largest collection of law firms and organisers of the profession’s leading exhibitions and training congress. The events provide excellent value CPD training and an opportunity to research the latest products and services marketed to the legal profession. Events coming up:
    * Law Autumn Olympia 2008, 30th September and 1st October
    * Law Autumn 2008 at NEC Birmingham, 15th and 16th October
    * Law 2009, Olympia, 11th and 12th March 2009

    Last updated on July 14th.

  • Justis are exclusively extending their coverage of the Irish Reports on Justis by 81 years, all the way back to 1838. They also become the first publisher to offer the authoritative case reports as printable PDFs replicating original pagination. Sinéad Ní Chúlacháin, Editor of the Irish Reports at the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for Ireland, said: “We are delighted that we can finally make our comprehensive archive of 170 years of reports of the Superior Courts of Ireland available in a user-friendly, accessible PDF database. The expanded Irish Reports on Justis will provide an invaluable tool and the addition of pre-independence reports will be of particular interest to other common-law jurisdictions”. She added that the inclusion of PDFs would be a “boon to court practitioners” and that lawyers in Northern Ireland would now have access to reports from the pre-Partition Irish Courts. Given the two-way binding precedent of that era, the material will also be particularly pertinent to lawyers in England and Wales. Extending the archive by over 7,000 cases, the expanded section of the database, along with PDFs for the full range, will be available late summer; while many PDFs of the existing cases are already in place.

  • Landlord-Law is the site of solicitor Tessa Shepperson. Her site has recently been redeveloped and is now even clearer and more specific about what is on offer. For example, an opening section asks "What is Landlord-Law?" and then answers thus:
    Landlord-Law is an online legal information service for residential landlords and tenants.
    For example you can:
    -Find answers to your problems online
    -Download assured shorthold tenancy agreements, eviction notices, letters & forms
    - Save money on agents and solicitors fees
    - Use the service at times convenient to you
    - Keep up to date with legal changes.
    One interesting part of the site is a section which helps landlords decide what sort of tenancy agreement they need by way of a question and answer session (you do not need to be a paid-up member of the site to try this out - anyone visiting the site can do this). You can try this out here. Tessa is not letting commercial services for landlords provided by non-lawyers steal her turf!

    Last updated on July 11th.

  • Rapoports is a new legal directory set up by an Australian solicitor called Yuri Rapoport who has already provided a successful "law broking" service in Australia. The idea is that firms and individual solicitors can enter information about themselves and the work they have done which can then be searched by members of the public trying to find the right solicitor. The site will launch from a consumer point of view in the autumn of 2008; at the moment, it is inviting information from solicitors. The directory is free to both public and lawyers.

    Last updated on July 2nd.

  • Jim Chase Consultancy is a new IT consultancy for lawyers, formed by Jim Chase, former MD of AIM. Jim has worked with many law firms, user communities and legal IT providers over the last 20 years. He is now providing management consultancy services to both the suppliers and users of business IT systems. For law firms, he believes that he has the experience needed to create the right IT and operational service framework to support the business, develop appropriate strategies and select and manage the right business partners. He says "There is a major shake-up taking place in the legal services profession with law firms and legal IT suppliers alike re-evaluating their business models".

    Last updated on June 16th.

  • MyLawyer is the name of a new service being set up by Epoq which will be launched in the Autumn. Epoq is the company behind Rapidocs, a forms and document generation programme which was initially developed around 10 years ago and was the basis for the (at that time) revolutionary concept and site DesktopLawyer; with a series of questions and answers, an internet user was able to create documents relating to his/her specific requirements. This concept is now the basis of many sites providing online legal services. Epoq however, perhaps being too far ahead of the market at that time, switched its attention to corporate users and now provides its document generation technology to HSBC, RBS, RSA, NatWest, Capita, DAS, Allianz, Abbey Santander and others, enabling the customers of those organisations to produce documents without (necessarily) needing expert assistance from a lawyer. Now, returning to the market for individuals requiring reasonably priced online documents, Epoq is working with a number of major firms, including Hugh James, Pannone and Nelsons, to provide the technology to their clients. Epoq is looking for a limited number of other firms to join the network and will provifsde the technology to underpin the documents provided by these firms on their own web sites. Epoq will also offer similar services on the MyLawyer site. A potential user will either be able to complete a form without assistance, or will be put into contact with an appropriate firm from the group thus formed.

    Last updated on May 30th.

  • Managed Services Consultancy (MSC) is a new company formed by two existing, well established, consultancies in the legal IT market, inpractice, led by Allan Carton, and Professional Choice Consultancy, led by Bill Kirby. Both of the existing consultancies will continue with their own clients and projects but the new company will help law firms evaluate the options for outsourcing all or part of their IT and, where appropriate, will help then procure and manage the process.

    There is a whole new field developing at the moment for which a number of different terms are used, including outsourcing of IT, managed services, Software as a Service (SaaS), hosted services and remote access software. What these concepts share is the fact that software and IT services are not necessarily provided in-house, but can be run elsewhere, either on the systems of the softwre developers, or on companies who do not provide software themselves as such, but run many different types of software on their systems on behalf of the client. proejcts can involve firms of many sizes, from the largest to the smallest firms (including virtual firms) setting up and wishing to outsource their IT. The new company will enagage with all these methods of IT delivery and will assist firms in choosing, and then managing and evaluating, the systems chosen.

    There are a number of case studies on the site (not just from their own clients) intended as a knowledge base of managed services projects.

  • StatCounter is a very useful site for people with their own web site who do not have access to good web site statistics - or want some additional detail in their statistics. This organisation provides them for free (within limits). All the recording and analysis is done remotely (on StatCounter's web site) - you do not need to download any software yourself.

    StatCounter is an Irish firm whose founder, Aodhan Cullen, has recently won Business Week's Young Entrepreneur competition. Statcounter apparently now has .5 million users. You register quite simply, providing a user name and a password and setting up a "project" which can be one or more web sites. You also define, within any one of these, additional pages in which you are particularly interested and you insert a little chunk of code (provided) for each of these. You can set the code to show the number of visitors to people visiting the site or not to show it; that is up to you (you may not want people to know this!). There are no adverts showing on YOUR pages although some are presented to YOU as you access the statistics.

    Then, you get an online report which builds up into a seven day report, indicating the number of page loads, the number of unique visitors, and the number of returning visitors, for the site as a whole. For the individual pages, you get the number of page loads for each page within the last 500 page loads and full details of the "path" of each visitor. 500 is the limit - after 500 page loads, the space is re-used and the details of the visits are not retained (although the overall totals are retained). You can of course pay a few dollars a month to get extra data retention facilities; it looks quite modestly charged.

  • JustCite 2.0 is a multi-source legal search engine and citator service from independent publisher Justis. It is the only provider-neutral service that links to content from a range of publishers and includes extensive links to full-text material on leading online services, including BAILII, Casetrack, Informa Law, Justis, LexisNexis and WestLaw. Further information on the facilities provided by the new version JustCite 2.0 can be found here. There is a free version of JustCite 2.0 (designed to be genuinely useful whilst not provided so many resources in the search as the full version) below.

    e.g. 1989 AC 177; newspaper NOT times;
    "fair and reasonable"; 2004 child*
    (valid reference formats)

    And if you have a site of your own.....

  • Link popularity is a site which will give you a quick way to see how many sites link to *your* site from Google, MSN, Yahoo and Altavista.

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