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  • Bankcruptcy Clinic is a company providing a service to declare yourself bancrupt, having taken details of your own situation. There is also information on banckruptcy in general on the site and links to Government run services and other advice resources.


  • Click Divorce is a DIY divorce web site, founded in 2004, providing free information about DIY divorce and also (for straight forward divorces) a package of information and forms for £29.00. There is also a "Managed Divorce" service for £149 where the company completes all forms and deals with the courts on the user's behalf.

  • Clickdocs provides legal documents online, prepared by qualified solicitors and encoded to enable easy customisation. The documents are also available to suit the law of England, Wales, and Scotland. Documents are provided in Word with a "wizard" to help customise the documents offline. There are free samples available to see how it works. Topics covered include business forms, employment related forms, housing, incorporation, internet law forms and wills & probate. There is also a useful glossary of legal terms.

  • compactlaw.co.uk was previously Lawrights, a very early entrant to the online documents market. They provide a wide variety of documents for businesses and consumers. There are some free documents as well and a large amount of free information on many legal topics. The company has been featured in many newspapers and journals.

  • Company Formations 24.7 specialises in providing company formation, administration and information services. Formed in 2008, they were one of the first businesses to offer reasonably priced company formations online. Since going live over 100,000 UK companies have been formed through this website. They also have a team of qualified company secretaries available to assist with specialist or complex company formations, as well as post-incorporation drafting for changes to company structure.

  • Computalaw is a company of intellectual property lawyers with many years experience advising and drafting contracts for clients world-wide. Now, Computalaw make their Computer, Internet and Ecommerce Contracts, forms, agreements, licenses, advice and expertise available on-line. The documents include multi-jurisdictional clauses for use in many countries. Types of work include software licence distribution agreement (for software, hardware or systems) software development contracts, 'real-time' and historical data supply agreement, global network contract, escrow agreement, data licence agreement, and on-line subscriber agreement.

  • ContractStore has a wide range of contract templates for sale on its website. Designed for use both by start-up and established businesses, the catalogue contains commercial, construction, property, e-commerce and employment contracts and contracts drafted for cross-border and international use. There are templates designed for use in the USA and India as well as a number of dual-language English-Chinese contracts and English-Russian contracts. There is also a range of specialist construction and engineering documents. There are helpful explanatory notes that can be read online before purchasing and the documents are downloaded in Word format. The website also contains a lot of useful free information.

  • Conveyancing Calculator is an Online Conveyancing Fees Calculator which Solicitors can put onto their own website to provide potential clients with an instant online conveyancing quote. The service is cloud based. Each solicitor who signs up to the service (which only costs £95 for a year for unlimited use) receives a unique username and password. This allows the solicitor to log in and set up their own fees, cost and disbursements. They can also customise the email that clients receive when they ask for a quote. You can try out the calculator on the site.


  • Deed Poll Office is a firm of paralegals specialising in change of name deeds (deed polls) and U.K. name change law. They help people in the UK to legally change their name. They are an issuer of change of name deeds — more commonly known as "deed polls" — which is the legal document normally used to prove that you've changed your name. Not everyone needs a deed poll, but the company (and the site) provides information and advice for people who want to adopt a new name and whether they need a deed poll or not. They can also advise you on how to change your child's name — they will work out who has parental responsibility and who has to give their consent, and they will prepare all the necessary paperwork.

  • Deed Poll Service is a leading issuer of government accepted deed poll documents and over the last thirteen years they have helped thousands of people to legally change their name. Using a deed poll issued by them you will be able to get all documents and records, including your passport, driving license and bank account, updated to show your new name. Costs start at £16.99.

  • Desktop Lawyer is an online legal document service, which is available directly to the public. The service includes a wide range of customisable legal documents, contracts and letter templates for both personal and business use. It also includes extensive jargon-free online guides to the UK’s laws and regulations. The site uses document automation software created by Epoq called Rapidocs, which makes it easy to customise a document by answering a series of questions online. As the user answers the questions, the document is automatically tailored for his or her circumstances. For the personal user, topics include wills and powers of attorney, consumer complaints, motoring disputes, private landlord regulation and workplace issues, as well as relationship matters like divorce and cohabitation. Business topics include starting a business, employment law, health and safety, doing business, intellectual property and commercial property leases. See also My Lawyer where the document production is combined with assistance from a solicitor.

  • Divorce Online is a site providing uncontested online divorce services for divorcing couples. It provides both “do it yourself” services to fully managed services by qualified solicitors. It is the oldest online divorce service in the UK and was founded in September 1999. Since then, they have dealt with over 180,000 online divorce cases. There is lots of free information as well as the purchased materials. There are a series of packages available from £59 for a simple diy divorce through to £299 for a fully managed divorce and consent order service depending on the level of support required. They are the highest rated online divorce provider with over 600 excellent reviews from customers, on the site.

  • Docular is an online legal document editor for both lawyers and non-lawyers. It allows users to produce first draft legal document efficiently. After editing online, documents can be downloaded in DOCX, PDF or HTML format. The current range of 250+ documents includes IT contracts, website legal notices and general commercial contracts. The site is run by SEQ Legal LLP.

  • Duport Associates Ltd is primarily a company formation agent, registering standard and specialised UK LTD companies with additional services in the provision of UK company reports and UK and Global trademark registration. Many of these services can be delivered online together with step by step information and guidance for filling in the relevant forms online.


  • epoq is an established provider of online legal document services and automation solutions. Formed in 1994, it pioneered the document automation field and its systems are now widely used by a range of sectors, including insurance, banking, trade associations and consumer interest groups to offer value-add online legal document services to their customers. It also provides document automation systems to law firms to help then speed up production and improve practice efficiency. Epoq’s services can be branded to match the client’s or provided on stand-alone unbranded basis and, typically, will include hundreds of legal documents, contracts and letter templates, as well as jargon-free online legal guides. The services are underpinned by Epoq’s document automation system, Rapidocs, which essentially replicates online the face-to-face question and answer session a solicitor would normally have with a client when drafting a legal document. The software presents the questions and generates the document online, as well as providing background information and prompting for additional information or options. The system also includes extensive guidance notes and plain-English explanations so that anyone, even those with no legal knowledge or experience, can complete a document conveniently at a time and place that suits them.

  • Expert Answers provides answers to legal questions, submitted online. The person who poses the question also sets the price they are willing to pay and make a 'good faith' payment to a PayPal account and is only debited from this account by Expert Answers when the user clicks "I accept the full answer". There is a wide selection of experts (14 were available online when I tried the system). The experts are able to choose a question that matches their specialism and for which the fee is (they feel) a reasonable one. If they require further information they may contact the client. Sometimes the answer will explain the legal complexities behind an issue or include advice to engage a solicitor. Expert Answers is apparently the only question and answer website in the UK that is owned, managed and moderated by practising solicitors. They have answered over 100,000 legal questions so far.

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  • glossLegal is a legal document service online, based in central London, which offers Wills for as little as £35 with no hidden fees, You fill in a questionnaire to make the Will which is checked by a qualified solicitor and is then professionally printed, bound and sent to you by post to make sure it does not get invalided by the probate office. The people involved are named and described on the site.

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  • JustAnswer is a USA company providing advice from experts online for a modest fee (this part of the site is for UK users with UK lawyers). Experts in many categories (including legal, medical, electronics and many other) spend time online and are available to answer questions. The user says how much they are prepared to pay and an expert will reply (providing some competition between the experts). The money is only paid when the user is satisfied and one-to-one contact is provided.

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  • Landlord-Law is a membership service for residential landlords and tenants from Tessa Shepperson. She provides "packaged" advice to landlords and also to tenants. For example, there are documents and forms which can be filled in online, an extensive set of FAQ's (based on real questions sent in to Tessa), a number of interactive "trails" allowing users to find the answer to problems by question and answer, and a Q and A page where readers questions are answered. Part of the site is free but access to documents and more detailed information requires a modest subscription payment.

  • Law Express is a company set up to provide telephone legal advice. They employ fully qualified solicitors to provide the advice, mostly working from the Bristol headquarters and the first contact is with someone in their sales team, who identifies the requirement and explains the options. As well as providing legal advice directly to individuals (£35 including VAT for a one-off call), the company provides advice as an employee benefit to some commercial organisations.

  • LawDepot is a well established publisher of do-it-yourself legal forms, including real estate, business, financial, estate and family legal documents. They provide an extensive library of quality legal forms and resources. They offer a free trial subscription, with unlimited access to all of LawDepot's documents which can be customized, downloaded, and printed in 5-10 minutes with no strings attached.

  • Lawpack Publishing Ltd. offers a wide range of self-help legal kits, forms, books and software. Launched in 1994 as the UK offshoot of an American publisher, the company was bought out by its management in 2000 and is now wholly UK owned. Lawpack is best known for its DIY Will Kit, which is on sale at a number of high street bookshops. This is by far the most popular of the company's products, but the full range also includes forms, letters and guidance on residential letting, probate, powers of attorney, employment law, divorce, property purchase and sale, health and safety and benefit rights.

  • Lawrite is a company based in central London, which specialises in legal and HR support for UK employers. They also provide outsourced HR and management consultancy services for a variety of British and international businesses. There are more than 120 templates including employment contracts, policies and procedures and sample letters to employees. The software is available as part of a range of services including 24/7 telephone legal support, an insurance-backed Employment Tribunal indemnity scheme and different levels of HR support including bespoke drafting of contracts, staff handbooks and other HR documents.

  • LegalHelpers is an online document drafting service for documents related to landlords and tenants. Documents are avilable in Word format (to be amended and compelted by the purchaser) or as a set of forms to be completed, with the final document being prepared by the company. There are a number of legal factsheets to help the user prepare (and understand) the documents.

  • Legalo provides online legal document templates designed for use, both by start-up and established businesses. The documents have been drafted by qualified Solicitors. Documents are provided in Word format with a free guide to help the user fill them out online. When you buy a template, you receive its notifications and updates for free. There is also a range of free guides relating to different types of template.

  • LegalWills (UK) provide solicitor approved Wills, Living Wills and Expatriate Wills, all created through their setup wizard. The user's documents can be stored securely, and updated whenever there is a change to the personal or financial situation. There is also a considerable amount of free legal information on the site about wills.

  • London Central Services is a specialised English law process agent, offering appointments online. They act as process agent for court actions and proceedings, receive documents in connection with arbitration proceedings and related services. The company was established as the correspondent firm of Swiss-based Prim & Fischbacher Treuhand AG, by professionals with over 25 years of experience.

  • London Registrars are company secretaries and offer a wide variety of fixed price business policies documents and contracts. As well as company incorporation and company secretarial work, they also cover data protection, employment contracts, sales of good from a website and trade mark protection.

  • LPA to die for is an online division of Sterling Wills Ltd which develops Lasting Power of Attorney documents. These can be complicated and difficult to complete, with 20 pages to each document. Thousands of applications are rejected each year with the Office of the Public Guardian. The service includes a dedicated account manager, to work through the process of producing the Lasting Power of Attorney documents with the client and ensure that the application does not get rejected.


  • Make a Will Online is a will writing service which enables residents of England and Wales to make a single last will and testament for £29.50 or a pair of wills (for a married couple) for £39.50. There is guidance online throughout the will writing process and all documents are checked by the company's legal team. When completed, the will is sent out to you with full instructions for witnessing and storage.

  • myhrtoolkit is a company owned by solicitors Ironmonger Curtis in Sheffield, providing an online service for a company to manage its employees. The service provides a low cost solution to streamline HR admin for small and medium-sized businesses between 5 and 500 staff. Users are granted access based on their role in the organisation - owner, manager, or employee - and each user has access to view and control information appropriate to their level. Users can self-manage staff holidays, contracts of employment, induction, appraisal, sickness and other absence, with communication and task tracking features ensuring accountability within the organisation. There is an online demo on the site which explains how it works. Existing users of the service come from manufacturing, property and financial services, distribution and retail, healthcare, and not for profit.


  • NameSwitch is an online name changing service that simplifies the name changing process - first name, surname, title, or changes in hyphenation. The service uses automatic processes to generate and populate the vast array of forms and letters needed to let official bodies and companies know about the change. There are several packages available, depending on the requirements, costing between £30 and £50.

  • Net Lawman sells legal documents, agreements and advice for England & Wales, and also other jurisdictions. There are many types of business, company and partnership legal document available, including e-commerce and employment, as well as documents for private individuals such as those relating to divorce, wills and probate. There is also a large amount of free legal information on the site relating to all these topics.

  • Nine Minute Will is a company that sell Wills online. The site has a easy form for the situation where you leave your estate and specific gifts to your family and friends, and once a Will is completed and purchased they send it to the customer in the post. Costs are £19.99 for a single person will and £29.99 for a couple with mirror wills.


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  • PDQ Process provide a service to lawyers, attorneys and the general legal industry which helps locate and serve legal documents, in an order to attend court. They provide professional process servers who will serve legal documents correctly and promptly anywhere in the UK. They are happy to work for a single fixed fee or with a bulk contract. The process is simple to set up online with the relevant documents emailed to the company. PDQ Process and Investigations Ltd is certificated BS10200.


  • Quality Formations provide online company formation & registration services in Northern Ireland, England, Wales & Scotland. They offer various company formation packages. In addition they offer registered offices, director’s and business address and nominee shareholders and secretarial services as well as VAT and PAYE registration.

  • Quick Formations Ltd offer online company registration services for startups using the Electronic Filing facilities at Companies House. The company can be set up exactly how the user wishes, from day one, without using any outside nominee appointments. The user can choose their own share capital, and holders, etc. The information is then automatically submitted to Companies House and the transaction is generally complete within half a working day. There is a useful set of questions and answers on the site about limited companies and the requirements for setting them up and then operating them.

  • quickedivorce provides a pack of information to download for very low prices, containing all the forms needed and advice for filling them in, together with unlimited email advice. They have been providing divorce packages since 2000 and apparently have helped over 150,000 people successfully get divorced. There are several levels of service offered.

  • Quickie Divorce was apparently used by 15,000 people in the UK last year. A divorce petition can be initiated online for just £17 or they will complete all the divorce forms you need to send to Court for £67. Other levels of service are also available.


  • Rapid Formations is an online company formation & registration service provider in England, Wales & Scotland. They offer 5 different formation packages starting at £9.99. There is useful information on the site about Limited Companies. There is a Company Formation Guide, a Company Formation Checklist and an explanation of the different types of company. They also provide registered offices, mail forwarding and telephone answering services as well as VAT and PAYE registration.

  • Redstone Wills is apparently the largest Will writing organisation in the UK. They offer a wide variety of Will writing services, from making a Will or Living Will, to Lasting & General Power of Attorney. Prices start from just £129 including VAT; a qualified estate advisor will contact you before proceeding to ensure you choose the right type of will. Once they receive all the information for drafting your Will, they aim to have your draft Will to you within 10 days.


  • Simple Wills site is a fully automated will writing service. For £38.95 the website will write a fully legal will which is emailed to the person creating it, immediately. The site also provides advice on Lasting Powers of Attorney, Will Trusts, Inheritance Tax, Technical Executor Services and funeral planning.

  • Simply-docs.co.uk provides in excess of 3000 document templates drafted by solicitors, or HR and Health and Safety professionals. This subscription service provides for unlimited template downloads, and free updates and additions. The documents are arranged in groups - Business, Corporate, Employment, Health & Safety and Property. Subscription rates are £35+VAT for each group.


  • Trademark Eagle enables you to register your trademark. You choose where you want to register the trademark (with online advice) and select the product and service classes that fit the product. Fees for UK Registration start from £276 incl. VAT (excl. Govt fees). The site also offers free trademark searches and there is a page providing trademark advice as well as a free live chat feature to answer any customer questions.


  • UK Deed Poll is a site which tells you everything you need to know about changing your name by Deed Poll and which can also do the job for you if you wish. The company issues change of name deeds that are accepted by all organisations allowing individuals to get their documents issued in to their new name by government departments including the Passport Office.


  • Website Contracts provide downloadable template legal documents relating to websites and the internet. There are contracts for Acceptable Use Policies, Affiliate Agreements, Consultancy Contracts, Domain Name Licences, Domain Name Sale Agreements, E-commerce Terms and Conditions, Intellectual Property Assignments, Advertising Agreements, Non Disclosure Agreements, Privacy Policies, Web Design Agreements, Web Development Agreements, Web Hosting Agreements, Website Terms of Use and Website Disclaimers. The site is run by a company called SEQ Legal.

  • Which? Legal Service offers unlimited professional consumer and employment legal advice by phone and email from qualified lawyers for a monthly membership payment. Membership costs £38 for your first month and then ongoing at £9 a month, and there are no hidden or extra charges. Their team of lawyers will let the user know if they have a case and how to pursue it, taking a step-by-step process. There is also a will writing service, with different types of service and will available. The online will writing service comes with full telephone support.


  • Your Law Store is an ecommerce store selling ebooks and forms, mainly relating to landlord / tenant and lodger issues. the key person involved, Tessa Shepperson, is a well known legal expert in landlord and tenant / housing law, and for many years has run the popular online information service Landlord Law.

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