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Section 3 - Referral and marketing panels

These are marketing directories aiming to help clients find a solicitor and (also) to help solicitors gain clients.

See also "official" and "researched" directories, generally stemming from Legal bodies or legal publishers.

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  • Accident Advice Helpline was established in 2000 to provide access to justice for victims of accidents following the withdrawal of legal aid for personal injury cases. They operate a directory of specialist solicitors.

  • Accident Compensation UK is an independent accident claims service and the solicitors are all members of The Law Society panel of personal injury experts. They are able to deal with a wide range of accident claims including car accident compensation, pedestrian accidents, cycle accidents, slips and falls, accidents at work and industrial illness.

  • The Accident Compensation People is an accident management company specialising in compensation for whiplash injuries, accidents at work, slips and trips etc. They provide a no win no fee service but without using insurance cover; if the solicitors involved think the case is winnable, they will take it on.

  • Accidents Direct has been a leading name in the personal injury marketplace since 2002 and they have helped hundreds of thousands of people claim compensation for injuries they have suffered through no fault of their own. They are the first point of contact for a cooperative group of specialist personal injury solicitors across the UK.

  • AvMA (Action against Medical Accidents) is the UK charity for patient safety and justice. They provide free and confidential advice and support to people affected by medical accidents, via their helpline and casework service and they can refer to a panel of specialist clinical negligence solicitors or other sources of support where appropriate.



  • Cerebral Palsy Information Service is an independent network of medical negligence solicitor. They review the claims and are able to recommend an experienced solicitor who is a birth injury specialists and a member of The Law Society panel of medical negligence experts.

  • Clear Answers is a a company providing marketing services for firms of solicitors involved in personal injury claims. The company receives its income from the firms for carrying out the preparatory work in assessing the circumstances of the injured person's accident and for providing them with a detailed report on the findings. There are commendations from several firms of solicitors on the site.

  • CMS Legal Services Online is a directory maintained for solicitors in all fields (initially just conveyancing but now extended). See also my page on property-related marketing sites here.

  • CompactLaw (previously known as lawrights) offers free information on site and a telephone helpline staffed by solicitors costing £1.50 a minute. Solicitors are invited to fill in a form to apply to join the panel but there is no email address on the site.

  • The Connect2Law network for law firms was established in 2001 by Pannone LLP. The primary focus of Connect2Law is not the marketing of the member’s services but as a referral and support network. There is no cost to membership and the primary benefit is to offer member firms the ability to service their clients in areas of law they do not undertake themselves. The agreement with the members incorporates a non poaching term so the members maintain the property of their clients, as well as a fee share arrangement. Over the last six years the scheme has been franchised across the UK and there are now a total of 20 ‘hub’ firms who operate the scheme in their regions, replicating the services Pannone offer in the North West. The scheme now covers England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. In the last ten years the membership has grown to over 2,200 firms across the UK.

  • Contact Law has over 5,000 solicitors located throughout the UK that can help individuals and businesses in all areas of law including family, employment, commercial, personal injury, will & probate, immigration and conveyancing. The company will put you in contact with a good value and experienced local solicitor. You can call them for free or fill in details in an online form.


  • DivorceUK.com is a company set up by Scottish solicitor Donald Wright to provide information on divorce in both England and Wales, and in Scotland, with a network of solicitors ready to take on the clients. There are two levels of members for firms at £275 and £500 a year, respectively, and a small setup fee. There is lots of free information on the site, a calculator to work out the financial split in divorce, case studies and endorsements from users and from solicitors. It is also possible to ask a question and receive an answer, free of charge.


  • Emplaw (British Employment Law) offers web-site and/or e-mail links from an interactive map of Britain to solicitor subscribers. Non-subscribers with employment law expertise can have free listings. A vistor to the site clicks on the "solicitors" button, selects an area from the resulting map and is then presented with a list of solicitors in his area. The site started in early 1997 and now averages over 2,500 visitors every weekday. It is unique in that it contains over 4,500 regularly updated A-Z fact cards of employment law information to a professional standard as well as an excellent "superportal" to employment law resources on the web.


  • Family Law London is part of a network of websites designed to present viewers with location and sector specific legal information. Other websites in the network include Family Law Liverpool, Family Law Birmingham and Family Law Nottingham. For Scotland, there is Family Law Aberdeen, Family Law Dundee and Family Law Edinburgh. There is lots of free information on the sites provided by divorce lawyers and pensions lawyers. The viewer fills in an enquiry form and is then helped to find a suitable solicitor.

  • Family-solicitors.co.uk provides a wealth of family law information targeted towards the private client. The web site allows visitors to contact a local solicitor in their area by way of an online enquiry form. The site is one of a series run by Interactive Law (see below).

  • First4Lawyers are a personal injury claims specialist and can help put you in touch with the right solicitor to handle your compensation claim. They offer a free, no obligation assessment of your personal injury claim and 100% compensation for a range of accidents. If you don’t win your claim, you pay nothing. You can ring free for an initial assessment.


  • Good Lawyer Guide is a guide to solicitors in England & Wales. It star-rates 50,000+ individual solicitors, for over 20 different areas of work (eg conveyancing, family/divorce, employment, accidents, as well as a range of business topics). All Good Lawyer Guide recommendations are independent (and solicitors cannot 'buy' their way into the Guide). You can search by postcode (or town) to find the locally recommended lawyers. You can then ask for (free) fee quotes from solicitors. In addition, the site contains star-rating by clients of their lawyers (and personal reviews from clients).


  • Injury Lawyers 4U has been set up by a consortium of leading personal injury solicitors, in order to promote direct access for injured people to the solicitors who will deal with their case. It is a consortium of 185 firms led up by Manchester firm Amelans and including Leigh Day, Donns, and Pannone & Partners. The aim is to cut out the middle-man of claims advisors and offer services direct to the people needing assistance. The logo offers "no loans... no credit... no catch"

  • Inside divorce is a commercial site offering free a great deal of free information on the site but also guiding viewers to particular "panel" firms and services.

  • Interactive Law provides a series of individual, marketing-led web sites elating to different areas of law. The sites are designed for anyone with a legal problem and each site contains a considerable amount of free information as well as the opportunity to look up a solicitor with that specialisation in their local area. Here is a list:


  • JusticeDirectory.co.uk is a free to use legal directory of UK based law firms, organisations and associations. The directory is split by area of practice but can also be searched on by location and other parameters. Basic entries are free and featured listings cost £199 for a year.


  • LawBid is a company to which you give details of your case and which then provides you with offers from local firms of solicitors. You can look at the web site of the firm concerned, together with the quotation or quotations provided, and decide which firm to appoint.

  • LawGroup UK is a membership organisation with member offices in England, Scotland and Wales. They are the leading provider of services to solicitors’ practices throughout the United Kingdom. Member firms gain access to networking opportunities, best practice Consultancy and Practice performance benchmarking, Law Society-accredited CPD training, marketing support and the ability to participate in group-wide purchasing schemes. The core strength of LawGroup is in helping firms to flourish by assisting them continually to improve the performance of their businesses through the gaining and sharing of knowledge and experiences.

  • LawNet is the UK and Ireland's leading group of law firms, with around 60 firms. LawNet member firms receive significantly reduced Professional Indemnity premiums, substantial marketing, training and quality assurance support, and best practice forums.

  • Law on the Web was started 10 years ago by a former practising solicitor, Martin Davies, but is now owned by Everything Legal Limited, itself now owned by the DAS UK Group. It is a popular gateway for the public and small businesses to legal information, legal news, comment, and access to law firms.

  • Lawyerfair matches businesses with quality solicitors working in different legal areas. The user submits a legal request and then receives proposals from pre-approved lawyers selected by the lawyerfair team. The company is run by Andrew Weaver, who has 20+years experience in legal services, as well as Simon Mead, Prameet Dhaliwal and Julian Costley. They have assisted over 2,000 businesses in this way.

  • LegalandFinancial100.co.uk provides free direct access to lawyers and financial specialists who will respond to user enquiries with details of their experience, location, firm and even charge out rates, allowing potential clients to gain more information before incurring costs of meeting with lawyers and financial professionals. Once a confidential enquiry has been made through the portal by a potential client, the enquiry is passed anonymously to up to 10 of the most experienced professionals to deal with each particular enquiry. Based in Knaresborough, they work particularly across Yorkshire and the Humber. As well as providing leads that are qualified and matched to various experts by the site’s trained staff, members, who will pay to join the site, will also be encouraged to network within the portal and benefit from cross-referrals from fellow professionals. More than 20 professionals have already registered to be members.

  • Legallybetter is a client feedback and client care portal which is free to law firms and legal services providers. It brings solicitor reviews and lawyer reviews plus solicitor ratings and lawyer ratings from around the UK together on one site. It also provides a free dedicated online client feedback form to all member law firms which can be added to law firm emails, websites, social media etc. and processes the responses for the law firm. The system can also take member law firms content and add it to the site, e.g. legal tips, blog content etc., to re-enforce their credibility in specific practice areas and can prepare case studies for member law firms to detail their expertise, value, and success stories. Additional options are also available, such as preparing detailed case studies to appear on the site.

  • Lexoo is a UK online marketplace that connects business clients with selected Lawyers. Viewers can submit an enquiry through the Lexoo website and within 2 days or less they will receive multiple tailored quotes (often fixed quotes) from prescreened and specialised lawyers. The lawyer's experience, reviews and price can then be reviewed and compared with others before deciding whether to be introduced to any of the lawyers. The service is free to those using it. From the web site, the viewer can see the qualifications and experience of the people in the company providing the service.


  • MyLegalAdviser is an online legal marketplace making it easy for consumers and businesses to find a lawyer. Users post details of the requirement on the site (it's free) and the company matches them with the best quotes from lawyers expert in the legal area required.


  • National Accident Helpline is a referral service with 300 firms of solicitors on its panel, operating in both the UK and Ireland. Founded in 1993.

  • not-my-fault.com is a site for attracting accident claims set up by Morris Legal (Solicitors) of Solihull. There is lots of information on different types of accident and on how to make a claim. Dean Morris, of Morris Legal, is also willing to pass on claims outside the firm's physical or legal area of expertise to other personal injury specialists on its panel.


  • Quality Solicitors Organisation offers a quality guaranteed lawyer-matching service. Offering a free service, nationwide and in all areas of law the Quality Solicitors Organisation will put you in touch with a solicitor ideally suited to your particular legal issue. They also obtain and provide customer feedback on all their member solicitors so you can see what other consumers thought of the service provided.


  • RatedSolicitors.com viewers to search for firms and solicitors according to their specialism and location, and to read profiles, reviews and ratings posted by past clients. A basic entry is free but a premium membership provides additional features. Clients are able to leave reviews for firms and individual solicitors within those firms. The highest rated firms appear on the home page to increase their exposure - the ratings go from 1 to 5 stars although ratings of less than 3 out of 5 stars can only be posted by clients who have already utilised the firm's internal complaints handling procedure and have also taken the matter to the Legal Ombudsman with a finding in their favour thus hopefully avoiding for maliciously low ratings. The site was founded by Dean Morris, an employment sole practitioner at Solihull firm Morris Legal.

  • Right Solicitor is a leading free solicitor search company with access to a large network of solicitors that specialise in all areas of law, both for individuals and businesses.


  • search4solicitors.com is new site to assist members of the public to find a solicitor based on the Waterlow Directory (Waterlow Legal and Regulatory is a division of Wilmington PLC.) As well as useful articles on each area of law, the site has access to a database of over 14,000 law firms for searching purposes. The database is based on the Waterlow Directory and it is possible for firms of solicitors to pay for an expanded banner entry which shows in the directory and in this new site.

  • Solicitors.co.uk is a directory in which a firm can obtain an enhanced entry for a fee (basic listings are free). Two levels of enhanced entry are possible: a "standard" listing costs £10 a month and a "premium" listing (which gets to the top of the list and also provides multiple methods of contacting the firm) costs £19 a month. These charges are a flat fee for one postcode and the firm can be listed under all the areas of law that they practice. No contract is required and the company does not require prepayment.

  • SolveMyLegal.com is an Irish legal service designed by solicitors to provide free direct access to solicitors and law firms who respond to user enquiries from the web site. An online process prompts the user through a series of questions designed by solicitors to define the legal requirement. Solicitors can then filter user requests by their own geography and areas of law, and respond confidentially, giving details of their experience, location, firm and likely fees and charges. This provides leads that are qualified and matched to the solicitor members, who pay an annual fee to join the site.


  • TakeLegalAdvice.com is a matching service between individuals with a legal problem and firms of solicitors (see below for a separate site relating to businesses). The person looking for a solicitor fills in a brief description of the problem and this is sent by the company to firms who could provide assistance. The firms then provide an answer, including costs, which is passed on to the potential client. There is also a forum for discussing legal topics.

  • National Solicitors aim to make law firms more productive and profitable by providing a variety of services, including marketing, branding, accounts support and outsourced cashiers. They also provide a directory of solicitors which can be searched by viewers.

  • The Solicitors Group is the UK's largest collection of law firms and organisers of the profession's leading exhibitions and training congress. They also operate a referral network and provide a preferred suppliers group (with discounts on the services provided).

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