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Macintosh Software - a comprehensive list of all the available software for law office use for the Macintosh computer, compiled by Randy Singer (USA based). Apparently, there are over 2,000 attorneys in the USA who are members of the MacAttorney computer user group, which indicates a very substantial following. You can register for a free newsletter on the site, called "MacAttorney Newsletter".

Miles 33 is also a major legal publishing company but it remains active and involved in the legal market with its very well established Precedent software. This is an adaptable, user friendly and scalable legal solution. The package modules available include full client and office transaction postings, time recording, billing, credit management, Precedent H Litigation and other facilities. The software can be supplied either in-house or with flexible hosting options in cloud deployments. Precedent is a fully supported product and is continually evolving through R&D and development. Miles 33 prides itself on exceptional customer support and long term partnership with its clients.

Moore Legal Technology, based in Glasgow, is an information technology and communication consultancy set up by Stephen Moore, with services designed for law firms of all shapes and sizes. The areas covered on the web site are Getting Started, IT Strategies, Networking, Legal Aid Online, Software Analysis, Litigation Technology, Client Reporting, Application Design, Communications Technology, Web Design, Electronic Communication and Content Drafting.


Norwel has been taken over by Civica, June 2016

Opsis was taken over by Advanced Legal the largest supplier of legal software and services in the UK and Ireland.

Member of the Legal Software Suppliers Assocation
Oyez Professional Services has been providing specialist products & services to legal and professional organisations since 1888. Recently, Oyez has invested significantly in market leading technologies that combine its expertise in the production of legal forms with digital submissions and dictation software. Their goal is to deliver innovative technologies that transform the way information is captured, shared and submitted. Oyez's long standing commitment to UK legal practitioners lies behind a significant proportion of large UK legal firms continuing to trust Oyez to provide the products & systems they depend on.

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