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Peapod Legal Office has specialised in providing effective, affordable solutions to small law firms in the UK, covering all high street work types. The key products are LegalOffice LA and PrintAform.
* Legal Office LA, a cloud-based system, includes workflow control, automated document production of legal forms, integrated matter based email, time recording, billing and accounting.
* PrintAform provides forms which are accessible 24/7 from any location and are automatically updated. There are over 1300 forms for all different high street work types.
Peapod is now owned by LEAP and is no longer operating in its own name.

Pennik Limited is an application development and support company, specialising in the legal profession. Established in 2000, they provide services either directly to the client, or indirectly through third parties. Their specialisations lie in the following main areas: Digital Dictation and Speech Processing, Wills & Probate Case Management, Internet Technologies and Telephone Support Services. They have recently launched their own software specialising in case management for Probate and Lasting Powers of Attorney. The probate software, called Pro-File, is charged on a per matter basis providing firms a low-cost, low-risk way to obtain case management software.

Member of the Legal Software Suppliers Assocation
Perfect Software is a very well established company specialising in accounts and time-recording for the smaller firm. Perfect Books can be installed as a standalone accounts system for the bookkeeper or as part of an integrated solution encompassing client and matter management, document control, time recording and billing. The software has been installed at over 1000 different Solicitors firms in the UK. Training needs are minimised compared with other products on the market because the every-day functions are immediately accessible and intuitive to use. More advanced tools and reporting functions are also available if needed but the basics can be picked up very quickly. Time Recording handles both private and Legal Aid costings automatically and the Case Management system is fully integrated with Accounts & Time recording giving the user total control from one screen.
Note: Perfect Software is now owned by LEAP.

Phoenix Business Solutions is a leading global provider of software solutions and IT/Business consultancy for professional services firms including many major firms of solicitors. They provide leading software solutions such as Document and Email Management, Knowledge Management, Enterprise Search, Risk Management, Compliance, Case & Matter Management, Time Management and Practice Support.

Positively Legal, founded in 2001, provides consultancy, coaching and training services throughout the UK and globally to law firms and other professional service providers, in house legal departments, private sector businesses, public authorities and regulatory associations.

Precedent Store is a new microsite from infolaw which focusses exclusively on legal precedent documents on CD and online. There is full information on a wide range of Precedents on CD, which may be purchased from the store online; plus information and links to Online Services for law firms and businesses and legal forms; and a Blog covering new products and developments.

Probate Plus assists in the administration of a deceased person’s estate and production of related forms/letters and documents, together with the accounts. It enables fee earners to keep the administration under control from day one and in a consistent matter across the practice. The system records all information relating to the matter as it arises so that the accounts are balanced at all times. The production of interim, final accounts and cash balancing at the press of a button makes this piece of software an invaluable addition to any practice or anyone involved in winding up estates. The cost effective pay-as-you-go pricing means there are no large up front fees and it’s easily scaleable from single to multiple users. Prices start at £299 plus VAT.
Note to system developers: Probate Plus can be controlled by 3rd party software (such as case management systems). Contact the company for more details.
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Professional Technology (UK) Ltd is a long-established supplier of legal systems, having been active in this market since 1986. It is privately owned, based in Rochester, Kent and has a strong presence throughout England and Northern Ireland. Some 300 firms rely on their systems and they supply solutions for all sizes of practice. Their software is developed in-house and integrates with industry-standard programs such as Microsoft products and electronic forms programs from Shaws, Laserform and Oyez. The company carries out training and maintenance and can also provide hardware and networking infrastructure. Their products, Seriatim Case Management and Quaestor Financial Management systems, include extensive management reporting features that provide information to meet organisational needs as well as statutory requirements. Seriatim Case Management is provided on a 'pay-as-you-use' basis and thus does not impact significantly on the practice's financial resources whereas Quaestor is charged based on the number of active matters making it affordable to practices of all sizes. They can also offer all of their products together with Microsoft Office and Exchange mail on a hosted basis for a low, fixed monthly fee providing a complete desktop from their secure, high availability data centres.


QMS 4 LAW, now incorporating the business of J T-W Consulting, provides lawyers with services and resources that support business performance, including compliance with the Lexcel and ISO9001:2008 standards. They provide:
* consulting
* project management
* quality & risk management system design
* quality & risk management system hosting.
They have been helping lawyers improve their businesses since 1998.

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