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Member of the Legal Software Suppliers Assocation
Tikit is a leading independent provider of IT consultancy, services and technology to legal and accounting firms. Tikit's clients in the UK, Europe and the United States include more than 90 of the UK's top 100 law firms, 20 of the top 50 US law firms and 18 of the top 50 UK accountancy firms. Headquartered in London, Tikit combines in-depth knowledge of the business needs of legal and accounting firms with a unique capability to plan, implement, integrate and support virtually all of the IT requirements of a modern legal or accounting practice. Previously known as TFB, Tikit has been at the forefront of the legal IT market for 30 years and is the leading legal software supplier to over 600 firms across the UK. They offer an advanced and award-winning case and practice management system, Partner for Windows, which can be tailored to each individual firm's requirements whether large or small. It is further complemented by the Partner Program which has been devised to offer clients additional solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into Partner for Windows including digital dictation, identity verification, document management and comparison and several others. Tikit is now part of BT.

Member of the Legal Software Suppliers Assocation
Timeslice are the developers of software called Lawman; see the entry under L here.



Vable is a news and current awareness aggregator. They take information from free and subscription services across the internet and turn them into newsletters and RSS feeds on the topics in which people are interested. Depending on the content and the way it is delivered, useful information can go out to lawyers, clients or feed onto the organisation's internal intranet or external website. The content is mainly legal and business, and sources can be kept private to a particular organisation, if required. A free trial is available.

Virtual Practices from SOS provides the latest .net practice and matter management software, SOS Connect. The software fully integrates with Microsoft Word and Outlook and includes customer relationship management (CRM), intuitive time recording and billing, auto document creation, matter / case management and automatic email filing. They can also provide a fully outsourced legal cashiering service. The firm's accounts are managed on-line by a team of highly skilled specialists in compliance with SAR's. They provide full bank reconciliations and financial/ business month-end reports.

Visualfiles - see under Lexis Nexis Visualfiles



Zylpha are leaders in legal process automation, providing specialist solutions for law firms and legal teams in the public sector. They are dedicated to eliminating repetitive tasks in legal practices. Each product has been carefully crafted to eliminate the unnecessary cost and risk associated with manual processes. Their Electronic Document Bundling software connects to multiple case management systems and enables users to build document bundles in minutes not hours. They also provide a range of integrations for case management systems including Electronic Signatures, MOJ Portal, PayPal, Smartsearch AML checks and Land Registry Gateway.

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