Transcription and Digital Dictation

Send dictation to a secretarial service to produce the finished document. Also translation services.

Digital Transcription for Lawyers (DTFL) offers the most accurate and user friendly legal transcription service available. See how the service works, our wonderful testimonials and our excellent rates!

See also Equipment for Digital Dictation which covers the hardware and software needed rather than services provided.

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  • 1st Class Secretarial Services offer a range of office-based secretarial skills to a wide range of companies in Edinburgh and the East of Scotland. Services include digital transcription, tape transcription, copy typing and many other key services available on an ad-hoc basis. Services can be provided at the point the client needs it - whether a small service or a large one. They offer a rapid digital transcription service which allows for clients to upload files onto a secure server; the recordings are downloaded and transcribed and then uploaded back onto the server for the client to download when he/she is ready for them.


  • Accuro are digital dictation experts specialising in legal transcription outsourcing. Accuro's policy to only work with the best UK based legal secretaries ensures the highest standards of legal transcription. Accuro is already fully integrated with all the leading digital dictation systems, ensuring the security of your data is never compromised by outsourcing. They offer a free no obligation trial.

  • ACF PACE Transcription provides an outsourced PACE transcription and word-processing service with all the benefits of an in-house facility. All work is done in one location and the offices are manned during normal office hours. They specialise in providing transcripts for Trading Standards, Environmental Health, Health & Safety, Benefit Investigation and many other local government departments. They also undertake outsourced typing for many barristers chambers, including specialist licensing and planning chambers, building litigation, trade mark, matrimonial and criminal sets. They can undertake urgent work with immediate turnaround. They can accommodate most forms of sound files including Windows Media, WAV, DSS etc.

  • Alliance of UK Virtual Assistants with a directory of 150 members. As the site says: "A Virtual Assistant (VA) is your partner in business. VAs work from their own offices, sometimes but not always in their home. Many of them are highly skilled individuals who are adept at using the Internet and can offer almost all the office support services you would expect to find in a large multinational organisation. They can offer you a variety of skills, from Archiving documents to installing ZoneAlarm firewalls and all the other tasks in between.
    There is no central contact point for this organisation - you go straight to the web site of the "virtual assistant" that you choose.

  • Alpamint was set up by solicitors to provide small to medium sized law firms with a cost effective and high quality transcription service. In addition to its main transcription service, Alpamint is constantly developing its offering to include further legal process outsourcing (LPO) services. All transcribers are UK (Onshore) based legal secretaries with minimum of 5 years secretarial/transcription experience. Alpamint also offers medical and business transcription services.

  • Alphabet are Speech to Text transcription experts specialising in verbatim transcription of PACE interviews, fraud interviews and covert transcription. They are market leaders with over 18 years’ experience. Their researchers and proof readers take care to ensure that they have used the right abbreviations, acronyms and terms, spelt correctly, as they have been spoken. Alphabet only employ transcribers who speak, and write, English as their mother tongue and can appreciate the nuances of our linguistics.

  • Angel Secretarial Services has been serving the Dorset community since 2004. With over 30 years experience (15 of those years within law firms), they offer a precise and reliable service. In addition, friendly and professional staff are available to answer any questions there may be. They can work with any media - tapes or digital, even scanned scraps of paper will be accurately and professionally transformed into the documents required with a quick turnaround.

  • Apple Transcription - a Tape Transcription Panel member provides fast, efficient and cost-effective digital and analogue transcription services. Work is carried out by highly qualified UK-based legal secretaries - turnaround times from two hours. All transcripts reviewed by experienced proof readers. Free help, advice and on loan equipment to legal firms and barristers chambers moving to digital dictation.

  • The Asdon Group provide an accurate and confidential transcription service which will cater to all deadlines and most importantly all transcriptions will be supplied without any files leaving the client's organisations network, using Asdon's closed loop service, ensuring complete data security and compliance. They can take care of the day to day document creation tasks leaving the client with more time to focus on the areas that are more critical and profitable for the organisation.

  • Assured Transcription provides fast and accurate audio typing and digital transcription to professionals and businesses across the UK. Dictation can be received, and completed transcripts returned, by email, secure file transfer over the internet or by post as required. All work is completed quickly and accurately, with excellent standards of spelling, grammar and presentation, by a highly experienced and conscientious typist. Free trial of digital voice recorder enables clients to try before they buy.

  • Audiosec Limited specialise in accurate under caution transcription services to legal firms, counter fraud specialists and trading standards officers. They accept standard tapes, digital recordings and DVD/CD recordings. They have a team of 20 professional, experienced audio transcribers available whenever required. They provide a cost effective and professional service at all times.

  • Avonlea Services are a wholly UK based outsourced service providing professional, confidential audio and video transcription. There is a fast turnaround for businesses of all sizes. Whether the input is analogue tapes, digital files or handwritten documents, they will produce documents to the required specification to the highest quality and meet agreed deadlines. They provide a highly confidential service and they have been accredited with the ISO 27001:2013 certification.


  • BigHand is the leading provider of digital dictation and speech recognition software in the global legal and professional services sector. They have offices in London, Chicago, Sydney, Eindhoven and Toronto, and support over 185,000 professionals direct. The latest version of their software, BigHand 4.4, delivers major new components that will increase the usability and effectiveness of integrated server-side Dragon NaturallySpeaking™ speech recognition technology from Nuance. BigHand 4.4 also delivers innovative and powerful tools including advanced multistep process management, sophisticated speech recognition pre-learning utility and mobility add-ons including support for all major smartphone devices. BigHand have also created the first ever Digital Dictation App specifically designed for the iPad. Established in 1996, BigHand now supports more digital dictation users direct, across the professional services and public sectors, than any competitor. BigHand is a Microsoft Gold Partner and a BlackBerry ISV Partner.

  • Bridie’s Typing Services has provided legal audio transcription services since 2003. No need to book, simply upload your audio at the end of your business day and receive your documents by 12noon the following morning – guaranteed.

  • Bright Key offers a reliable, flexible and cost effective digital transcription service for the transcription of Scottish legal documents, from court writs to conveyancing deeds. They aim to fit seamlessly into your own office system in the same way as an employed secretary or typing pool. All transcription is carried out personally by a small group of typists, carefully selected for their honest, dependable and conscientious approach.

  • Brown & Oliver serve clients with a wide variety of transcription requirements. They employ audio transcription secretaries with a wide range of industry specific experience and match transcription work accordingly. They always use typists/secretaries sourced from within the UK and they are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement agreeing not to disclose client’s confidential information to third parties. The client is provided with a Confidentiality Agreement signed by the Director of Brown & Oliver. Some clients work is of a sensitive/confidential nature and therefore they require confidence that their work will not be opened by anybody other than the recipient. They can encrypt your work and attachments in order that the recipient is the only person who can open it providing that the appropriate dictation software is used (Philips or Olympus).


  • DeeWP & Audiosec is a competitively priced audio transcription service with over 24 years experience - but now using all the latest technology. Clients range from students wanting one to one interviews transcribed as part of their course work, to web cast transcription of quarterly financial reports, where accuracy and timeliness are paramount. The company is headed by Dee Briston and the services receive some rave reviews on the site.

  • Dictate2us is one of the UK’s largest transcription services and delivers an accuracy rating of over 98%. The company provides transcription services to many businesses and professions including individual barristers and firms of solicitors. Latest innovation is a fully integrated digital transcription system for iPhones and iPod touch which allows users to dictate notes directly into their device and upload the audio to D2U's team of typists, who then transcribe it. Transcriptions are returned by email as Microsoft Word documents, normally within the hour for files less than five minutes long. The app is free to download from Apple iTunes stores and has already been downloaded 36,000 times since the New Year. A version for the Blackberry will be available later in the year. Users are charged £1.50 per recorded minute for the transcription from audio to text.

  • DictateNow is one of the largest digital dictation outsourcing companies in the UK.They work with over 400 law firms, Members of Parliament and surveyors providing 7 days/week dictation outsourcing. With over 100 qualified secretaries based in the UK, 98% of dictations are returned to the client in under 45 minutes.

  • DigiSec, run by Cathy Warner, has been providing secretarial support to solicitors, social workers, psychologists, medico-legal experts, doctors, professors, barristers and insurance companies for the past 25 years. They also provide support for Essex Police transcribing PACE under caution interviews. DigiSec provides a fast, efficient, friendly and confidential service on a daily basis, ad hoc or to cover sickness of holidays or just those times when you require another pair of hands.

  • Digital Transcription for Lawyers (DTFL) provides a transcription service which is accurate, inexpensive and user friendly purely for the legal profession and expert witnesses. All dictation received by 1.00pm is returned the same day on the user's own templates, or on templates created for the user, by a team of experienced UK based legal secretaries. DTFL can cater for large volume dictation or smaller one-off projects, whether for a sole practitioner, or a small, medium or large firm. The service is "on demand" and comes at a fraction of the cost of both full-time and temporary secretarial staff.

  • Document Direct provides 24/7 outsourced complex document production and digital dictation transcription services. Solicitors practices can have their own document production unit and dedicated team of UK based secretaries with all the benefits of outsourcing on a pay as you use basis and no minimum subscription. Compatible with BigHand, Winscribe and DSS format systems and Philips Speech Exec Enterprise DS2 encryption. Demonstrations and free trials are always available.

  • Draft n Craft is a legal process outsourcing service provider having its Registered Office in Connaught Place, New Delhi, India. The company is headed by Rakesh K Sharma, a practising lawyer for the last 20 years in the High Court of Delhi and the Supreme Court of India. It provides legal and paralegal services to solicitors, law firms and corporate houses based in countries other than India. The services provided include maintaining legal archives, drafting documents as per requirements and providing committed lawyers and secretaries. Legal Process Outsourcing is the fastest growing sector of service industry.


  • EQ Trans offers a wide variety of transcription and typing services. All transcriptionists and typists are based in UK and there is a small dedicated team specialising in legal transcription. They have been working for the Police Department since mid-2011 and other clients include a couple of elite law firms based in London.

  • executive typing is an outsourced typing service. They offer fast and accurate transcription typing and administrative support to the business, legal and academic fields as well as to individuals. They accept digital transcription, copy typing and audio typing.


  • Fingertips Transcription Services provides transcription services for a wide range of companies and individuals, including lawyers. The types of work covered include Audio transcription, Copy typing, Presentations using Microsoft Powerpoint, Data entry and spreadsheets using Excel and Access, Mailmerges and Word processing.


  • Global Lingo provides comprehensive language solutions to both private and public markets, including translation, interpretation, transcription and summary-writing services. In particular, for Transcription for Legal Professionals, they use professional transcribers with years of experience in the legal milieu. Their project managers always determine the nature of the transcript (for example, whether it's a criminal case or a corporate negotiation) before appointing a writer, thus matching needs, expertise and experience.


  • Harry Counsell, now part of Ubiqus, is a company that has been providing court transcripts and court reporting for more than 150 years and is licensed by the Ministry of Justice to transcribe proceedings in any civil court in England and Wales. They also provide court interpreters.


  • Intelligent Office Transcription Services (formerly branded Lawscript) provides secure transcription and document production solutions to clients of all sizes across the UK. Among their clients are high street legal practices, leading corporate law firms, financial services providers and public sector organisations. They work with all digital dictation systems either on a stand alone basis or more often through a VPN or Citrix link to the clients' systems. In addition they support clients working with handheld devices or analogue tapes. They offering competitive prices with exceptional quality and confidentiality from one onshore shared services centre.

  • Isabel's Typing Services provides transcription services and secretarial services throughout Scotland and the rest of the UK. They have a very simple upload system via the user's internet browser and secure workflow servers using the highest SSL encryption technology to keep the recordings and transcriptions safe and confidential. Work can be delivered to the user automatically via email or posted. They have the experience and specialist equipment to be able to transcribe PACE interviews (digital time stamps) and their transcriptionists have decades of experience working for law firms in Scotland and England. The pricing system is based on a per recorded minute rate and there are no hidden charges.



  • K International provides an accredited legal translation and interpreting service to the UK legal profession. Based in Milton Keynes, they provide a global service. Contracted UK clients include HMRC, CPS, MOJ, MOD, NOMs and leading law firms.

  • Kemp Professional Services provide Digital Transcription for Legal Professionals and Law Businesses. The principal, Lesley Kemp, has for some years now transcribed Immigration Determinations for an Immigration Judge and she would welcome contact from other Immigration Judges who are seeking an independent transcriber for their Determinations. She will be happy to provide references as required.


  • Language Insight is an industry leader in digital dictation and language services, providing transcription, document and audio translation, and interpreting. All legal dictation is professionally transcribed by the team of UK-based typists and legal secretaries, before being vigorously quality assured by project coordinators and returned to the client securely. They provide an excellent turnaround and accurate results, all for a competitive price. They are an ISO 9001-accredited digital translation and transcription provider.

  • Language Reach is a London based translation and interpretation agency with particular strength in the legal sector. They work with over 200 languages and 8000 expert linguists worldwide ensuring high quality and accuracy of translations. Due to fast turnaround times, a professional approach and competitive prices, they have established themselves as one of London’s leading providers of legal translation services.

  • Lawscript in Ireland is an outsourced transcription resource based in Northern Ireland and focussed on providing a quality service to small to medium sized law firms in Ireland as an alternative to using temporary staff. Many firms in Northern Ireland are unwilling to go down the outsourcing route where it may impact on existing staff. Therefore, they focus on complementing the existing support staff when there is a resource shortage as a result of holidays, sick leave and maternity.

  • is a community website for people who work in the operational, business services and support areas of law firms and solicitors practices throughout the UK. They maintain a very useful selection of articles and resources related to digital dictation and transcription services (free).


  • Manchester Secretarial has provided top quality transcription, note taking and recording for the legal profession for almost a decade. They have transcribed (and recorded) court hearings - including Coroner and VAT hearings - as well as legal meetings, law conferences and employment tribunals & hearings. They can provide legal secretaries to clients' offices when necessary. They provide a flexible, tailored service of top class transcription at highly competitive and transparent rates. They do not charge extra for fast turnaround and they do not charge VAT.

  • Mendip Media Group (MMG) are Transcription & Recording Specialists for the legal, public and private sectors. Clients include police constabularies, government agencies, solicitors and courts across the UK. MMG specialise in highly confidential recordings and their 'in-house' secure service enables clients to be confident that their data is in safe hands as all work is carried out on-site at their secure offices. They also transcribe digital dictations, interviews and meetings and offer a reduced rate if these recordings are not highly confidential and can be transcribed off-site. They will also record events, inquests, hearings or meetings at any location and can produce the transcript for the client on the same day.

  • Merrill Legal Solutions was formed by Merrill Corporation’s acquisition of WordWave, the world’s largest court reporting and transcription firm. Their clients have access to a wealth of resources, expertise and experience unrivalled in the litigation support marketplace. From pan-global scanning and forensic collection projects to real-time court reporting and evidence presentation services at trial, Merrill Legal Solutions provides high-technology, cost effective litigation support to law firms, government agencies and investigation teams.


  • NWTyping is based in Liverpool and was established by Amanda Ramsden, who has over 17 years transcription experience including over 15 years as a legal secretary. The company provides quality transcription services to meet typing requirements of businesses and individuals all over the world. They can transcribe from Digital Voice Files, Mini Cassette, standard size audio cassettes and hand written text


  • OutSec Ltd is a British company with teams of highly experienced legal secretaries providing a dedicated internet transcription service from dictated sound files. Clients are allocated their own named British secretary who will work with them on a continuous basis ensuring that the quality of work is second to none. This personal tailor-made service enables legal firms to outsource typing whilst enabling in-house personnel to concentrate on core efficiencies. The award-winning OutSec FileManager software provides a secure encrypted web-based file transfer system for increased confidentiality and integrates with nFlow and Winscribe workflow systems. Files may also be submitted by Apple iPhone and Blackberry.

  • Outsource Dictation specialise in legal and medical transcription. They work with you to provide accurate, cost effective typing. Their existing customers are in the legal and medical professions in the UK and USA. There is a free no obligation trial available, and references from existing customers.


  • Page Six is based in Richmond upon Thames and provides professional digital transcription services to universities and businesses (including legal organisations) in the UK. Transcription work is carried out in the UK by experienced audio transcribers with English as their mother tongue. They have experience in employment law, family law, clinical negligence, commercial property law and personal injury.

  • Penguin Transcription offer professional and affordable audio transcription services. They are a small team of UK-based transcription experts providing transcripts from a wide range of audio types. They have experience of legal dictation as well as transcribing interviews and disciplinary hearings.

  • Pinstripe Pony ("your virtual City workhorse") is a team of qualified, professional typists, secretaries, PAs and administrators who will support a business on a 24/7 basis for a fraction of the cost of employing permanent staff. Most of the support is supplied virtually but on-site visits can be arranged upon request or by necessity (consultancy etc.). The legal support is led by the owner Amanda, who has more than 20 years experience as a legal PA and has attained paralegal and other vocational qualifications in this environment.



  • SmartPA is an innovative company providing Flexible PA, secretarial & admin support and products and technology for homeworking and learning. In particular, they provide expert transcription services to legal firms and other business sectors throughout the UK, from Edinburgh to London.

  • Sterling Transcription works with legal clients across the UK, continental Europe, the US and Australia, from smaller, specialist practices to large, international firms. The company provides high quality, reliable transcription services including legal dictation, PACE transcription, translation, interview/meeting transcription and court transcription. Overnight turnaround is available upon request - send your audio files by 8:00pm and receive the documents by 9:00am the following business day.


  • Take Note Ltd is a notetaking and transcription company based in Farringdon, Central London. they specialise in transcription for the market research industry and the media but also work in all industries for conferences and meetings.

  • TauRho Transcribes offers quick and easy transcription for those looking for flexibility and dependability. With a wide range of products, prices, and turnaround times, the service is tailored for each client’s individual needs. TauRho's secure site is designed for simple and streamlined audio upload.

  • The Transcription Company (formerly Dataplus Solutions) provides an online digital transcription service for solicitors and legal professionals for their dictated material. Also undertake audio transcription of interviews, conferences, focus groups, teleconferences, dictated material such as correspondence or reports, seminars, meetings and lectures.They use experienced, qualified UK-ONLY transcribers with total confidentiality guaranteed.

  • The Warwickshire Outsourcing Centre was founded in 2007 by Kerry Field who had previously worked in a UK based law firm for 9 years with experience in particular in Wills and Probate, Commercial Property and Residential Conveyancing and who also was promoted to Assistant to the Senior Partner of the firm. The Warwickshire Outsourcing Centre offers a wide range of transcription services and assistance with administrative tasks for legal firms to ease the work load.

  • T-pro offers premium legal transcription services to legal professionals in the UK and Ireland. Clients include top 10 firms, state and semi state legal departments and government ministers. They work with legal firms, large and small, to improve the efficiency of legal document production and increase productivity of fee earners. They have 12 years experience in supplying legal typists and outsourced legal typing services to the UK and Irish legal industry. All transcriptionists are based in the UK and Ireland, and have legal secretarial experience and training. Their IT standards are of the highest quality with full encryption guaranteed. T-Pro systems already integrate with dictation systems such as BigHand and Winscribe as well as the majority of case management software packages.

  •, based in Edinburgh, provides transcription services for businesses, councils, universities and lawyers with professional transcribers in all these fields. They are able to transcribe any type of audio or video content, securely and efficiently.

  • Transcript Diva's are a medium to small business based around stay at home mums. They transcribe audio for a range of different clients from business consultancies like accenture through to councils to research institutes. They are the only transcription service based in the UK that offer 100% money back guarantee on accuracy and timeliness. They are also cheap & fast offering both a 80p / audio minute service and a super fast 4 hour turnaround service.

  • Transcription City offers secretarial and typing services to a range of industries, including Legal, Medical and Market Research. They are based in London and offer a fast service that is competitively priced. They only use trained and experienced secretaries and their turnaround times start from just four hours.

  • Transcription Global is now Language Insight - see above.

  • Transcription Services Ltd, based in the Isle of Man, provides high quality verbatim court transcription to the legal profession, also transcription for business and for individuals. They offer a digital, audio or copy transcription service that is fast and accurate. With a well established team of typists to call upon, Transcription Services Ltd can provide that extra pair of hands for a rush job or on a regular basis.

  • Two Main Recording and Transcription is a mobile attended recording andtranscription service based in Greater London, serving the whole of the UK. With years of courtroom and corporate event experience, they offer an end-to-end audio to text service that is both professional and great value for money. They also offer a fast, meticulous and affordable transcription only service. Note that they are one of a very few UK transcription providers who offer a full attended court recording service. That is, they provide audio technicians to attend, professionally record, and log court or other proceedings using their own high-spec digital recording equipment. They then produce (here in the UK) the accompanying transcripts electronically and deliver them in a time frame to suit: overnight, 2-day express or 1-week standard. This is an excellent low-cost alternative to court stenography, particularly for multi-part proceedings where longer turnovers are acceptable.

  • Typing Solutions provides a professional, low cost, efficient transcription service for all audio typing and transcription requirements. They undertake all types of transcription and audio typing including Correspondence, Reports, Theses, Dissertations, Conferences, Focus Groups, Research Interviews, General correspondence, Inventories and Estate Agent Details. They can transcribe from all digital audio formats, mini cassette, standard cassette, CDs and handwritten copies.

  • TypeOut provides transcription services for legal professionals. Their areas of speciality include interview transcriptions, focus groups, wirness statements, medico-legal reports, PACE tapes/CD's and general legal typing. They are registered with the Data Protection Act and all of their typists (all of whom work in the UK) sign a confidentiality agreement. Prices are competitive, charged by audio minute and not by the hour.


  • UK Transcription Services offer general, academic and media transcription services. The company is based in Brighton with links in London. They also offer a range of post-production, caption and subtitling services.

  • UK Transcription Services is part of the Ten-Percent group of websites, and has been operating since 2001, assisting law firms across the UK with digital dictation, transcripts of police station interviews, child and witness interviews, videos, tapes, covert surveillance operation recordings and CCTV recordings. Run by a solicitor, using UK based, native english speaking legal secretaries, with full confidentiality assured including the signing of undertakings when needed. Offices in London and North Wales. Also specialising in bulk orders for Universities and government departments including the Office of Fair Trading.

  • is a business operated for over 20 years by solicitors in London who offer a legal transcription service for dictation. The service incorporates the typing and transcription of routine correspondence, notes, minutes of meetings and other items regularly dictated by lawyers. They also transcribe recordings of proceedings at meetings, conferences, telephone conversations, interviews and hearings.The dictation is sent to the company by email or over the UKTyping website and secretaries at the company’s offices in India or South Africa, working various shifts, prepare the document according to the user's house style and requirements generally. Dictation by telephone is also available. Prices are very low and the service is always meticulous.


  • Virtual Secretarial Services offers a full range of secretarial, transcription and I.T. services at unbeatable prices. They are a small, family run business based in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear. They are a member of the Alliance of UK Virtual Assistants.

  • Voicepath specialises in providing fast, high quality & secure transcription services to law firms. 100% UK based, all typists are experienced legal secretaries and every document is proof read for accuracy by an independent quality control team. Full integrations with all the major digital dictation systems mean that it’s as easy to send a dictation to Voicepath as it is to an internal secretary. ISO 9001:2000 certified since 2007.

  • Voxtab is a leading transcription service provider, run by English experts, and has offices across the globe. They deliver quick and high-quality transcripts at affordable prices. Voxtab is a brand of Crimson Interactive, a leading global innovator of language solutions offering transcription, editing, and translation services for both individual and business clients.


  • Way With Words is an established and fast growing transcription service provider, established in 2001. The company provides audio, video and custom transcription services and solutions to a wide range of clients in many industries and for many types of services. Transcription packages and options range from simple audio transcription and preselect formats or video post-production scripts, to bespoke solutions for more technically demanding transcriptions. Their turnarounds range from EXPRESS to longer depending on the clients budget and custom requirements. They also manage large volume-based projects and always assure confidentiality. They are a 24/7 online service.

  • WJS typing Services - "Putting your dictated word into print". The company was formed in 2005 by Wendy Smythe, an experienced secretary and PA person, based in Trowbridge, Wiltshire who now leads a strong team with many ongoing clients. Their services include Digital dictation and audio transcription of correspondence and reports. They also provide Secretarial Services and an “Overload service” to eliminate the problems associated with taking on temporary staff to cover high workloads.

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